GPU Prices on the Rise: Stock Issues Arising

GPU Prices on the Rise: Stock Issues Arising

After months of decline, the price of the top graphics cards is now ticking back up, according to a recent market study, implying that the market may not be ready to return to normal anytime soon.

Prices for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards analyzed by 3DCenter show an increase of about 9% for Nvidia cards and about 6% for AMD, putting the average price for Nvidia cards about 59% above MSRP and about 64% for AMD’s.

This is still a significant improvement over where things were just a few months ago. In May, as TechPowerUp notes, the average price for an Nvidia card reached almost 304% above MSRP, with AMD cards seeing a 202 percent markup on average.

Despite China’s cryptomining prohibition driving a large number of mining cards to be resold, this appears to have helped somewhat in lowering prices, but not as much as we’d hoped due to additional forces keeping price pressure on the graphics card industry.

Graphics card issues haven’t gone away entirely, but we’re making progress.

While the rise in prices is not as jaw-dropping as it was earlier this year, it does indicate that we’ve hit a floor for graphics card pricing for the time being, and prices are just going to go up.

Even if TSMC’s price of recently manufactured wafers increases this week, if supply difficulties persist later this year, it won’t be enough to bring the cost of these cards back down to their original MSRP.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency mining boom appears to be more resilient than many people predicted, so there will be no letup on that side of the cliff anytime soon.

This all suggests that the graphics card shortage will be more drawn out than we had anticipated, and even when they do arrive, they’ll be more expensive. How any of this helps is uncertain at this time.

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