4 Best Vacuum Cleaner of 2021 Review and Buying Guide

The vacuum cleaner is an important household appliance for cleaning. The device can give you a unique way to keep the environment neat and clean. Therefore, you should buy the best vacuum cleaner for home. Of course, this is hard to find the best model in the market.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner: Editor’s Pick

You need to know many important factors of a vacuum cleaner. This will become hard to buy a vacuum cleaner without the information. So, we will give a complete guideline to find the right appliance for you.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner Review

The vacuum cleaner comes in different designs, shapes, sizes and features. On the basis of those features, the device is four types.

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners
  • Canister Vacuum Cleaners
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaners
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

You must a purpose to buy a vacuum cleaner. The type of the vacuum cleaner depends on your purpose. You should understand the major concept of a vacuum cleaner. This will help you to choose the right type of vacuum for home. So, let’s discuss the types in brief.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Buy Bissell, save pets; Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet...
  • Powerful pet hair pick up with triple action brush roll with scatter free...
  • Swivel steering to easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles

This is the first vacuum cleaner that comes with different features, designs, and shapes. This is the most popular vacuum cleaner for cleaning the inside of the home.

Do you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for home? The upright vacuum can be a good choice. You need to compare the models of the vacuum to find the best appliance.

The upright vacuums offer the most power for cleaning carpeted surfaces. You can clean home effectively and save your time. You will also find some upright vacuums for bare floor cleaning.

2. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.5 liters. Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Convenient for home and auto
  • Includes blower port

The canister vacuum cleaners have a canister and a long wand. You will get a long wand for reaching to any place. This type of vacuum is lightweight and easy to maintain.

Also, they offer additional power than a stick vacuum cleaner. The vacuums can clean carpets too. But, you will get good cleaning experience for bare floors. The price is a canister vacuum cleaner is higher than other types of vacuums.

3. Cordless Vacuum, ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you want to work with a lightweight vacuum cleaner? Stick vacuums are lightweight and perfect for home cleaning. It looks like a long stick with good suction power. This is the reason of calling the vacuum cleaner as stick vacuum.

The vacuums are the best for bare floors. You can also use them for light carpeting areas. But, they can’t clean carpet areas like an upright vacuum do. The price of the vacuums depends on the model, size, and features. So, this is easy to find an affordable vacuum cleaner for home.

No products found.

4. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum
  • Cleans Hair, Dirt & Debris From High Traffic Areas
  • Cleans unwanted messes from on top of, around and under furniture
  • Vacuums Hair & Debris from Carpeted Stairs

Handheld vacuums are also called portable vacuum cleaners. They are good for cleaning automobile and stairs. This is the lightest and simplest vacuum to use for cleaning.

You will find both corded and cordless vacuum cleaner. You can select any of the styles for home. Also, the price range varies depending on the features.

The price range starts from $50 to $400. So, you have many options to choose the handheld vacuum cleaner that suits your budget.

Bag or Bag-less – Which Vacuum Is Better?

You need to select either vacuum cleaner with a bag or without a bag. This is an important decision for any user. This decision will affect you in future too. However, this dilemma is a bit confusing for any beginner level vacuum user.

How do you know the best vacuum cleaner? Don’t worry. We will give you a clear idea so that you can make a final decision. Modern vacuums offer the bag free technology. You can save money using the vacuum cleaner. They don’t need regular bag buying cost. You need to buy bags for a bagged vacuum cleaner in regular interval. So, this has a good maintenance cost.

Both bag and without bag vacuum cleaners have pros and cons. We will discuss pros and cons of both types to draw a conclusion.

Vacuum with bags

You need to buy bags to use this type of vacuum cleaners.


  • This is easy to empty the vacuum bags. They come with sliding shutters to prevent dust from spilling.
  • You can remove the full bag from the vacuum and throw in the dustbin. This is a perfect solution for apartments. People will allergy problem will remain safe from any disturbance.
  • You need to change the vacuum bag at regular intervals. This means to refresh the filtration system too.
  • If you use a large disposable bag, you don’t need to empty it. You can use for couples of days cleaning.


  • Buying bags will add costs in the day to day activities. This is an ongoing cost for cleaning the home.
  • If you don’t have enough bags, you can’t clean home. You need to keep bags in stock.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums without Bags

You don’t need to buy bags for using the vacuum cleaners. They offer unique technology for vacuuming.


  • This is easy to see the dust container. So, you can notice if anything important sucked.
  • You can turn the disposal waste into compost fertilizer. This is beneficial for your garden too.
  • This is low-cost and environment-friendly. This doesn’t need to buy bags for using the machine.


  • You will need to empty the main filter in regular intervals. Replacement of the filter may also need within some months.

You know the positive and negative sides of the vacuum cleaners. So, you can take the time to make a final decision. The vacuum cleaner with the bag is an ideal choice for allergy affected people. Vacuums without bag are the best choice for keeping regular cost low.

Traffic and Carpet Soils

You need to consider the type of carpet soil and the amount of traffic too. They are an important element to consider. Carpet soils come in on the shoes of people and airflow. The soil also enters with the pet. Your home will become full of dust because of having kids and pets.

The carpet soils are dry soils. So, they make a carpet dirty within a short time. The carpet soils are hard to remove. Also, they damage the fibers of the carpet. So, the carpets will become dirty with an ugly look.

Traffic of an area and soil type will determine the type of a vacuum. Vacuuming the carpet in regular intervals can prevent the damage of fibers. Cleaning the carpet soil time-to-time can reduce the risk of damaging the fibers.

You need to use a revolving brush for synthetic fiber carpeting areas. Otherwise, you cannot clean the area in a right way. Using a stiff bristle works perfectly for dry soils from the carpet pile. If you don’t use a brush, you cannot pick all the dust.

Another dry soil can stick with the carpet fiber. You need a special brush to remove the cat hair or dog hair. Using a revolving brush is the best solution for it. But, you can also get a special pet hair removal kit too!

You can choose a normal vacuum cleaner for low traffic home. The aggressive vacuum cleaners are good for carpeted areas. Otherwise, a normal vacuum cleaner is enough to maintain your home.

Carpet Fibers

The main material of your carpet is also an important factor in choosing a vacuum. Most of the brands use synthetic fibers for carpets. Polyester and olefin are also used in the real time. You can use an aggressive vacuum for a synthetic fiber carpet. They are durable and the vacuum will keep the fibers safe.

You can also find natural fibers in the carpet. They are made of wool and need gentle care to clean. However, this is rare to find in the United States. This is also suitable for making the rugs. They are durable and perfect for homes. A good revolving brush can vacuum the wool made carpets.

Many rugs are also made with silk. They are expensive depending on the quality. You can find the silk made rugs between hundred dollars to thousand dollars. You need to use a rug tool for cleaning this type of rugs. The vacuum cleaner should be able to suck the dust without using a revolving brush.

You can find the sisal, sea grass, bamboo, cotton, jute and leather rugs too. This is important to ask the right tool to clean the rugs. Otherwise, you can contact with the vacuum company to buy a special kit.

You should also check the manufacturer’s advice to clean with a vacuum cleaner. This can give you a perfect solution. Using a wrong vacuum cleaner can reduce the lifetime of the carpet and rugs.

 Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner Performance

You should evaluate the performance of a vacuum cleaner. You should make a final decision on a basis of the performance. You need to consider many things for the performance. You will focus on airflow and water lift. They are important features of a vacuum cleaner.

The companies use amps for the power of the motor of a vacuum. People become confuse about the connection between performance and power. The amp and watts don’t give you the idea of suction power. It is an indication of motor’s power consumption rate.

The suction power doesn’t depend on the amps of a motor. A low amp motor may have good suction power than higher amp motor. So, you need to come out from the wrong concept.

You need to focus on the airflow of a vacuum cleaner. 100 CFM vacuums cleaners are the best for cleaning. The vacuum cleaners offer good suction power for cleaning. This is a range of the canister vacuums.

You will get two settings in an upright vacuum cleaner. “Direct Air” is an option of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners come with amps rating.

The second setting indicates the airflow won’t go through the motor. The design helps to make the motor cool. By-pass upright vacuum cleans give airflow for cleaning. You won’t get any water lift setting. For the vacuums, you can consider an addition to 60 CFM rating. The efficient level depends on the CFM rate.

Many vacuum cleaners don’t give CFM rate in the feature list. This is hard to know the real suction power. Many companies give amps measurement of motor power. The information creates confusion among the people. In this case, you need to ask for the CFM of the vacuum. Otherwise, avoid the vacuum cleaner from your preference list.


The vacuum cleaner should have a good filtration system. This system indicates the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner. The filtration system needs to be perfect. Otherwise, this cannot able to pick dust in a proper way. The dust will back to the room air again.

You can get a good filter from the best company. Otherwise, this will become hard to get the best filtration system. The allergy and asthma patients can feel safe with a good filter system. So, HEPA vacuum cleaner can give the best service.

The technology experts indicate a HEPA vacuum cleaner as a safe device. It can remove 99.97% of all particles. As a result, this is effective for removing the dust from the air. So, this is safe to buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner to avoid health problems.

HEPA vacuums offer to collect 0.3 microns from the air. So, you will remain safe from any asthma attack or allergy problem. This is the highest success level of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner standards stated it as the super efficiency level.

You should buy the vacuums with ‘Certified HEPA’ or ‘Absolute HEPA’ label. The vacuums with the label meet the standards of a HEPA filtration system.

You need to look at S-class filtration system in European markets. The European companies prefer to use ‘SEBO’ as HEPA standards. The vacuums also do the same like a HEPA vacuum. So, you don’t need to worry thinking of the quality.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Quality and Durability

The vacuum cleaner must be valued worthy. A normal vacuum cleaner can’t give you good service.

How do you know the quality and lifetime of the vacuum? It depends on the construction of the vacuum. You should focus on the materials that are used for constructing the vacuum. The companies should seal the parts in a right way. A good vacuum cleaner with strong sealing and a steel feel outlook is the best.

There are many vacuums that cannot give you long time experience. You can compare some of the vacuums to find the best vacuum cleaner. Compare the companies, features and construction material for getting a good quality vacuum. Low priced vacuum cleaners aren’t durable enough to give long time support.

You can also get an idea of the lifetime and quality of the vacuum. Look for a long time warranty of the vacuum. You can get one year limited warranty for vacuums in the market. But, some brands offer three-year limited warranty too! You should give priority to the warranty of motor.

Ease of use

The vacuum cleaner must be easy to use for any person. The features are not enough to make it perfect. If you can’t use the vacuum, you should change it. The outlook cannot give you a mirror of the vacuum cleaner.

You should consider the personal preference and specific feature for choosing the vacuum. Do you want to buy a vacuum for a specific purpose? The vacuum cleaner must give you the solution. Otherwise, you can’t expect to get good support.

Along with the features, you should feel comfortable to use the vacuum cleaner. The handle should be ergonomic friendly with a comfortable grip. It should offer maneuver style to clean under furniture and corners.

Noise level

Noise is an essential concerning point too. Some vacuum cleaners create too noise to bear. So, this will become hard to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Again, some vacuums don’t produce extensive noise to feel comfortable and hear the doorbells.

The noise level of the vacuum cleaner is measured by decibels. The vacuum cleaner with 50dB at home is suitable to use. The garbage disposal should not more than 80 dB for selection. You can consider a vacuum with a maximum decibel level of the 60s. Additional to 60dB is not suitable for home cleaning. The noise level may increase within some months.


The capacity means the size of the dust container of the vacuum cleaner. The size of the dust bag depends on the design, type, and quality. This is a good idea to select a vacuum with larger capacity. This helps to minimize the numbers of emptying the dust cup.

The full-sized vacuum cleaner is a suitable concern for a large home. Large home means a lot of dust to collect. Therefore, a larger dust cup can pick additional soils than a normal size vacuum. Otherwise, you need to empty the dust bag in the middle of your cleaning.


Most of the vacuum cleaners come with a set of attachments. The attachments help to clean floor and home in an efficient way. The brands offer the attachments to clean a particular area. They enhance the quality of cleaning the home in a right way. They are additional to the features of the vacuums.

A crevice tool is an attachment. It offers to clean the corners and edges. It has a nozzle. The nozzle can clean an automobile seat. It helps to clean under furniture. This is a great attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

Soft-bristle dusting brush is another important kit. This helps to clean fragile items in a right way. You can clean the ceiling fans and window blinds with the attachment. You cannot clean the items with normal mode vacuum cleaners.

A mini turbo brush is the best attachment. This is an easy to use and small attachment. You can use the vacuum kit for removing pet hair and corners. This gives the power to clean the furniture and stairs. In fact, the kit is special for cleaning stairs and car seats.

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