The 10 Best Microwaves of 2020 – Comparison and Guide

If we took a survey to find out which appliance we use the most and couldn’t live without, there is one that would win all the bets. You got it right! Microwave.

Let’s see, think for a second: do you know someone who doesn’t have one?

It is definitely a must in the kitchen . It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, what your tastes are or the pace of life you lead. Surely at some point of the day you need to warm up a coffee, prepare an infusion or give a touch to the dish that you just took out of the fridge.

And you need it at the moment, without staining anything and at the precise time. The microwave is an appliance that solves your life in seconds.

That’s why you want to choose the perfect oven for you, the one that best suits you, because the offer has been growing and you can find from very basic appliances to others that have greatly expanded performance and functionalities : with grill, convection, built-in, etc.

Do you dare to find yours?

The 10 Best Microwaves In 2020 Reviews:

We show you below which have been the most valued microwaves by users during 2020 and their value for money, to give you an idea of ​​what you can find in the market.

10. Cecotec White

A microwave for low intensive use, only for heating and defrosting.

The cheapest option on the list, but no less functional within its range. If you need a microwave just to heat, with the right power, and without any electronic complication, you already have it: the Cecotec White will give you the service you need.

Handling it couldn’t be easier. Two wheels, one to signal power and one to manage time. It is opened by pulling a handle on the door. It’s unpacking it, putting it on the counter, plugging it in and you’re done.

The 700 W are fair if we compare them with other models, but it all depends on the use: if it is for a single person or for sporadic uses , you do not have to go to something more expensive either.

The price shows in some settings. The legs are not completely balanced and there is a slight “limp”, a matter of millimeters. And the inner lining yellows a bit with use. It should also be borne in mind that it is a very light microwave that is opened by pulling a handle . It is advisable to have your hands free to hold it, because with the opening pull it can move a little.

You are not buying an oven to last half your life, but the Cecotec White will get you out of trouble and deliver what it promises.

  • Economic.
  • Very easy.
  • Small, ideal for tight spaces.
  • Low power.
  • Lightweight, can be moved when opening the door

9. Orbegozo MI 2018

The basic if you just want to heat, ideal as a second microwave or for the office.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you need a microwave to solve the most everyday, this Orbegozo will be enough for you.

It has two rotary manual controls. In one, time; on the other, the power levels and the defrost function. And it opens by pulling the door handle. It is not just that it is intuitive: it is the easiest thing you will find . If you want to buy a microwave for an older person, for example, one like this is a good choice.

It is also a good option to use it where it will not have intensive use . Of course it is not your microwave if you are a large family at home: its 700W is going to be short, apart from the fact that you may miss other functionalities. If you wanted it with a grill, you would have to go to its “big brother”, the MIG 2030 , with the same capacity and power.

It has a neat exterior design , in gray (not stainless steel), although the legs could perhaps be a little better adjusted. It is a light oven and when you pull the handle it can move a little, it would not be a bad idea to put it on a non-slip surface.

The Spanish brand Orbegozo gives good results in small appliances , and this MI 2018, within its simplicity, does not disappoint.

  • Very economical.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Careful design.
  • Just power.
  • The legs slide a little on smooth countertops.

8. Bosch HMT 72 G 650

A compact, small, built-in microwave, and very, very easy to use.

If what you need is a simple and not very large built-in microphone (17 l), this Bosch will solve your life. It is perfect for heating, defrosting and preparing an easy recipe, but above all it will not complicate you with electronic programming or other extras . It is a simple oven, in a beautiful stainless steel that combines in any kitchen.

The grill function makes it a little more complete. We can cook simple dishes with it, calculating the times and power a little by eye, because it has no programs.

The controls have been simplified to the maximum. Two wheels, one to select power level, defrost function, grill alone or grill cooking. The other is to set the minutes. As it does not have a display, the time selection is not very exact, especially in the short sections, when what you only want is to heat a coffee or an infusion.

The installation is very simple and the power of 800 W is not bad at all. With this simple Bosch you will have a microwave for many years.

  • The quality of the brand.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It has a grill.
  • The price.
  • Little precise in the programming of the time.

7. Teka MWE 230 G

Elegant and attractive, a microwave with grill for simple uses.

Teka presents a microwave with grill that is quite complete in its features for a reasonable price.

To start with, it is a simple and beautiful appliance, made of stainless steel inside and out and with a minimalist design that makes it very attractive to the eye: a display with five small rectangular buttons in line; below, a wheel to regulate time or weight. The buttons are all the same (not even the quick launch button stands out!) And the explanatory drawing is quite small. It is not particularly complicated when you know what each command is for, but it is not obvious at first. You have to get the point.

For the rest, it has an average power adjustable in five levels, a child safety lock, and several programs. Something interesting is that it can memorize your favorite dishes : time and power necessary for their preparation.

The end of cooking warnings are insistent: five double beeps that cannot be switched off, to be taken into account for small apartments or if users have very different schedules at home.

As a daily microwave, the Teka MWE 230 G is practical and easy to use . If you want to cook, you may be able to find other models, not better, but more intuitive on the market.

  • Good microwave and grill power.
  • Thawed by weight.
  • Good value for money.
  • The handling is not intuitive.
  • The beeps are a bit shrill.

6.  Candy MIC201EX

A simple and inexpensive built-in microwave, perfect for heating and browning.

The Italian brand Candy offers us an elegant and simple built-in microwave , all in stainless steel. It is enough for the basic functions but its 800 W can be a bit short if we want it for cooking.

Even so, there is scope to take advantage of its eight cooking programs, combining the different microwave powers with the grill function. It is also appreciated that it has the possibility of defrosting by weight and not only by time.

The home key is comfortable for everyday use. Perhaps we like less that it only allows adding lapses of thirty seconds and gives no option to less.

It should be noted that when it finishes heating it warns with four beeps that cannot be deactivated. Another detail is that the interior light remains on while the door is open, so you will have to remember to always close it. And that there will be times when you prefer to leave it open for a while, especially after cooking. If you have small children, it does not have a child lock.

The Candy MIC201EX is an appliance that will perfectly solve your everyday uses.

  • A recessed at a good price.
  • It fulfills the basic functions.
  • It has a grill.
  • The light only turns off if the door is closed.
  • You cannot turn off the sound.

5. Balay 3WGX 1929 P

A small, elegant built-in microphone designed to last for many years.

This built-in balay is a good option for those who do not need a high volume microwave . Its 17 liters are very well used, with 800 W of power for the microwave function and a grill that can be used simultaneously or separately. It is an oven built to last, strong and reliable.

Its use is quite intuitive. The five power levels are indicated with individual buttons and it has a rotary wheel to select time or weight on the display, as we are interested. That control is the only one that sticks out, and it can be pushed in so that it is integrated. Thus the front is left with a totally uniform appearance.

It is a functional microwave, without frills, but with a good use of the eight cooking programs that it proposes.

When it finishes heating, the indoor fan keeps running for a few seconds. It may be a bit annoying for some users, especially those who appreciate quiet appliances, but in return it ensures good ventilation of the cooking compartment.

It is appreciated that the audible warning signals are configurable. They cannot be completely overridden but can be reduced to three single beeps, enough to signal when the Balay 3WGX 1929 P has finished its work.

  • Configurable warning sounds.
  • Hidden control.
  • Solid, built to last.
  • It is not anti-fingerprint.
  • The fan is a bit noisy.

4. Daewoo KOG-837RS

Modern and elegant design for a mid-range microwave that gives a very good result.

The 800 W of power that this Daewoo presents give a lot of itself thanks to the distribution of waves inside the device. The house calls it CRS (this is how they baptize their dual emission system) but what really interests us is that it ensures uniform heating and equally balanced defrosting , without cold parts next to others that are almost cooking.

The grill completes the benefits of a microwave that has five power levels and, attention, a 28-centimeter plate, which is very good for a 23-liter appliance.

In any case, the cooking compartment is somewhat curious. On the one hand, it gains space by keeping the grill separated by a grid , so that it cleans well and does not take away useful space; on the other, the inner part tapers slightly towards the back wall, which somewhat reduces operability.

The combination of the stainless steel front with the black sides is elegant, the opening handle is very comfortable and it is not a particularly noisy oven : three warning beeps and it remains silent. In addition, it has a child lock.

Otherwise, the Daewoo KOG-837RS is well finished, offering good cooking options for a reasonable price.

  • 28 cm plate.
  • Wide interior.
  • Even cooking.
  • It is not particularly intuitive.

3. Candy CMXG25DCS

A microwave oven with grill for those “kitchens” willing to experiment.

If you like to cook and you dare to make the most of your new microwave, you should consider this proposal from the Italian brand Candy . Its 40 automatic programs are sure to make your task easier , and you can also download the Simply-Fi app , which gives you tips and advice to make the most of the possibilities of this oven.

And we say oven because this is more than a microwave . Of course, you have the option of heating and defrosting. The latter is also done with a specific program , in which you enter the weight of the food and it only takes care of calculating the necessary time.

But it also has a grill, so you can use it to cook almost like a normal oven . All of these features, plus the ability to program, make it a great option if you’re spending time experimenting in the kitchen . In return, if what you are looking for is simplicity, it is possible that this device surpasses you with so much button.

More things that we really liked: you can deactivate all sounds, it has an ECO function, quick start button and child lock.

The interior design has been polished to avoid crevices where dirt can collect, and low-porous materials have been used, making it easy to keep clean.

The Candy CMXG25DCS has a 25 liter capacity: it is compact but spacious inside , with a 24.5 cm turntable. Perfect for kitchens with limited space , but that do not give up a large appliance.

  • Various cooking programs.
  • Sound can be turned off.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick start function.
  • You have to study the instruction manual well to take advantage of it.

2. Severin MW 7848

The microwave oven for those who want a 2 x 1 for a very reasonable price.

You have to try it to be convinced of the good investment that this Severin is, which can cook as a microwave and convection oven, in addition to adding the grill function. With all that, it is no longer necessary to have two ovens in the kitchen. It is enough to study well the instructions of this (which by the way, do not come in Castilian, although it is not difficult to get them online) to squeeze all the possibilities it offers us. Then, you just have to enter the weight of the food and select a program, the oven is already in charge of combining the three types of cooking.

We can also use the three firings separately. If we cancel the microwave function, we can use convection and grill, that is to say: we have a typical oven. We can also use it only as a micro and heat our breakfast coffee.

In terms of power, its 900 W are above others of similar price, with a 1400 W grill.

It has, by the way, one of the largest plates we have seen , 31.5 cm, which allows you to use larger containers.

The Severin MW 7848 is a microwave oven to get a lot out of it. So if you are only going to use it to heat infusions, it may not be the best for you.

  • They are two ovens in one, you save space in the kitchen.
  • The size of the turntable.
  • Noisy when on standby.
  • The instruction manual is not in Spanish.

1. LG MH6535GDH

Micro plus tabletop grill, with a number of extra functions.

The LG MH6535GDH has several aspects that make us like it very, very much.

For starters, a very decent power of 900 W, which is used especially well thanks to the technology of the brand (Smart Inverter), which distributes the heat very evenly throughout the cooking compartment . With this appliance you do not have to open halfway through cooking, stir and reconnect so that the dish heats up equally.

And with this, a plus: the plate (wide, 29.2 cm) has six supports, and not the usual three, thereby gaining stability; In addition, the rotary function can be switched off, that is, you can put a rectangular dish (holds up to 2 kg), make better use of the space and make sure that everything is going to heat up evenly.

Another interesting point is that for the interior capacity it has, of 25 l, it is not a very large microwave. Its compact size allows you to put a large capacity microwave in a small kitchen.

And more things to highlight: Eco function, which deactivates the light when it is in stand-by, LED interior lighting, much more attractive than the conventional one, child lock, a gadget for steam cooking, musical acoustic warning (not the typical beeps) … And various programs, some as useful as softening butter or fermenting dough.

In short, the LG MH6535GDH is a microwave oven with grill that will cover all your needs , even those that you had not thought about. It is available in white, black and transparent black.

  • Heats and defrosts evenly.
  • Turntable deactivation.
  • Very compact design.
  • The sound cannot be muted.

Our recommendations

The best cheap microwave: Orbegozo MI 2018

You do not want to make a large outlay but you need a microwave that solves the basics? The truth is that for very little you can have what you need. After having studied the simplest models, we opted for the Orbegozo MI 2018, a tabletop microwave, without installation, and super simple to use.

If you are going to use it for heating , which is the main utility of a mic, you don’t need more . Day to day solves it for you. Another thing is that you want to cook with it. Be careful, as a power, you can, but there you may miss a little more power and a little program that makes your work easier.

Although the Cecotec White is a fairly similar microwave (same power, same capacity), it seems to us that due to the little difference in price, the Orbegozo MI 2018 is a little thinner in the finishes and the balance of the legs, and is slightly more compact . For that price, it’s worth us.

The best built-in microwave: Bosch HMT 72 G 650

To recommend the best recessed we have gone to a brand that is a sure value. The Bosch HMT 72 G 650 has all the cards to be an all-rounder that will serve you for many years , and is also one of the brands best valued by users.

You will be opting for a simple appliance, with intuitive controls, which you can use to heat, defrost and brown on the grill , the simplest of all the built-in microwaves that the German brand has, and also the most economical (do not forget that when we want is a built-in appliance, prices go up). It is true that since it does not have a display, the time calculation is not one hundred percent accurate, but really once you do it, it is not something that is missed on a day-to-day basis.

Keep in mind that you will be installing an appliance in your kitchen with a good power (800 W), a very attractive aesthetic in stainless steel , and that you will have a microwave for many years.

Best Small Microwave:  Candy CMXG25DCS

We really liked the Candy CMXG25DCS for the amount of functionalities it brings together, being at the same time a small 25-liter microwave .


It is true that you can find them still with less capacity (the most common are 17 l), but when you go to buy you have to look not only at the valuation in liters of interior capacity that the house makes, but also at the exterior measurements . If not, you may be buying a huge “junk” with little capacity inside, instead of another one of medium size but more capacity, as is the case.

The measurements are 30.7 × 51.3 × 41 cm, and they are very well used. The turntable is surprisingly large , and the interior space is optimized thanks to the fact that the grill is on top and does not “steal” space from the cabin.

If you have room for him at home, we believe that this Candy is worth it for all that it offers, especially to take advantage of it by cooking with it (we no longer get into the basics: heating, defrosting, etc.). During the cooking process you can notice that “extra” that is the enveloping distribution of the microwaves , and the grill is so good as to guarantee you some pizzas with its crunchy point.

We also like that the electronic mics have the ECO function that turns off the light when not in use and something that we really appreciate very much: that the sound can be removed.

Best grill microwave:  Severin MW 7848

From our entire list of recommended we go directly to the Severin MW 7848 because it pleasantly surprises us with a very powerful grill , 1400 W (when the power of a medium grill does not exceed 1000 W). Those extra watts are noticeable when starting it up for cooking and it allows us to get the most out of the microwave function combined with grill , for example giving the brownish point a golden point.

An excellent way to save energy, by not using the traditional oven … But also, if you want it the traditional way, you also have it, because it is a convection oven that can be preheated up to 230 ° C before inserting the source of food, like a traditional oven.

Each mode can be used separately or in combination with the others , with which the possibilities are much wider than those of other devices that we have seen. With a very reasonable price , for all the functionalities it has.

Guide to buying the best microwave

The truth is that when the microwaves arrived they did it to stay. Few electrical appliances have improved our quality of life as much as this one.

Today they are multipurpose devices . We can boil a little water to make tea, defrost bread or prepare a roast chicken with its garnish that will have nothing to envy when cooked in a conventional oven.

You can get a lot, but a lot out of it. You just have to get used to the times, the schedules and have a good device that gives us possibilities.

Do you dare to explore what it can offer you?

What is a microwave?

Microwave with precookedYeah, yeah, it’s the appliance you have on your kitchen counter. But we are going to put on the scientist’s suit and try to explain in a simple way how that apparatus that we all know works.

Although the technology they use was discovered more than seventy years ago, it did not begin to become popular and popular until the late 1960s.

These are devices that use radio waves from a magnetron (in simple terms, a device capable of generating electromagnetic waves from electrical energy) to cause heat.

The many possibilities of this discovery were quickly seen, especially its applications for heating food. The “micro” thing is because waves of very short length are used, capable of vibrating the water in the food until it produces heat.

For that reason, they do not directly heat the containers (if they gain temperature, it is by contact with the food they contain). Also for this reason it is recommended not to put them to work with nothing inside r: the magnetron could end up being damaged.

Uses of the microwave

Are you one of those who believe that the microwave is only good for heating milk for breakfast? Not! Expand your sights. Today it is an appliance that is used for many more things . These are the functionalities you can find:

1 Heat

The most obvious and what we all use it for . Heat a glass of milk, boil water for an infusion, take the cold out of that plate of rice that was left over from noon … It is the simplest use.

Depending on whether the operation is analog or digital, you will program the time on a mechanical wheel or on a display with a countdown. It doesn’t matter: your breakfast will be heated the same.

Precisely as these actions are the most repeated during the day, many microphones have a quick start key that practically automates the heating action.

2 Defrost

Another very common use. We will have to select the defrost mode before putting it into operation.

The simplest microwaves only allow you to program the time , so we must be aware of the process and open from time to time to see how it goes.

Other models that are already a little more advanced allow the weight variable to be entered , so that the device already makes its calculations of time and power, depending on the dimensions of the “block” that we have put in to defrost.

Here the qualities are already beginning to be noticed. If we have a device with a good distribution of the waves, the defrosting will be uniform and progressive. If not, we may find the edges of the food semi-cooked and the inside still frozen.

3 Brown

Many microwaves incorporate a grill , some heating elements in the upper part that we will use to gratin or to prepare a pizza. It also gives a better look to what we may have cooked. Microwaves just don’t give food that eye-catching browning that makes it fall through the eyes. The grill solves it.

They usually come with a raised grill as a complement that brings the plate closer to the top to speed up the process.

Some appliances have visible resistors, which makes cleaning a bit difficult. Others, on the other hand, protect them with a small grid that, in addition to making it easier for a cloth to be passed without damaging the appliance, does not reduce space to the cooking compartment.

4 Cooking

How, what can you cook with a microwave ? Of course, look at some recipe suggestions:

Going from heating to cooking is to start getting into the many possibilities of this appliance.

If our micro is simple, it will offer us the possibility of combined cooking (microwave + grill) and the power will be chosen by trial and error; We can also follow the directions in the recipe book, if you attach it (which is still an improved version of trial and error). And we can come up with interesting results.

Once again, the quality of the appliance makes the difference . A better appliance will bring programs in which, by entering the weight, the time, power and the combination of microwave and grill are automatically calculated. The result improves remarkably.

And if we want to take a leap forward (or two) we can dare with a convection microwave.

We are already talking about much more sophisticated appliances capable of doing all the above functions and … add convection, that is, like our oven of a lifetime.

A normal convection oven cooks food thanks to the constant circulation of hot air (usually with a system of fans). The advantage of convection microwaves is that to this functionality they add the microwave and grill, plus the possibility of programming cooking combining these three technologies for greater efficiency.

Convection microwaves are another world. A marvel, when you learn to handle them to get the most out of them.

We help you choose a microwave: take a look at these key points

Microwave for cookingYou can cook yourself or buy food at home. You can be one of those who one morning to rehearse recipes or those who by heating a precooked superfood already have the day done. Or maybe you want it as a cooking accessory, or you don’t want to scrub pans again in your life …

The point is that there is no kitchen without a microwave . Now, do you have to buy one? Renew yours because it has been damaged? Change it for another with more functions because the one you have falls short? Looking for a practical gift?

Whatever your case, here are a few tips based on user experience, which will make the choice easier for you.


Not always the biggest is the one that interests you the most.

To start, you have to take into account the available space . If you have a movie kitchen, you have plenty of room, so buy the one you like the most.

But if this is not the case and, like most mortals, you have a normal-sized kitchen, then adjust to your needs: how many people are you at home, what use are you going to give it regularly, what are your habits …

That is, if you love to dine on pizza, look for one with a large plate . It would be a misfortune if when you have it at home you realize that your favorite pizza will not fit if you do not trim the edges … And if you are not going to cook a roast chicken in your life, you may not need the microwave with the largest compartment in the world. market.

It is always recommended that you stick to your habits as much as possible.

¿ What sizes can find in the market? Although there are many intermediate measures, we summarize the ones that you will find more easily online or in large stores:

  • The 17/18 liters. They are considered small microwaves. They are recommended for single people or couples.
  • Those of 20 liters. We can say that they are the standard. An intermediate capacity, a little for everything.
  • Those of 25/30 liters. You are already buying a “Mr. Microwave”, it is a good size, it will allow you to use larger containers and they admit more weight. You can get to find devices of more than 40 liters, but they are not common and that is why we do not include them in this comparison.

Desktop or built-in (integrable)

They are two different concepts for the same appliance.

The tabletop microwave is an independent appliance that does not need installation , other than a plug and a place where good ventilation is assured. If the surface where you place it is non-slip, much better. If not, make sure the feet are rubberized and it won’t move when you use it.

But if you have a hole in your kitchen furniture, you may be interested in looking at an integrable. You will save space on the counter and the kitchen will look more uncluttered. Maintenance is simpler (obviously because you only have to clean the visible part, which is the front) and you can combine it with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

The only thing you have to take into account are the measurements , so that you buy one that fits perfectly in the available niche. These are usually standard , but get your tape measure out first just in case. Otherwise, the installation is simple and the aesthetic result fabulous.

Made of stainless steel or other materials

Built-in microwaveOn the outside we can tell you that it does not matter a bit, it goes in tastes or opinions. Stainless steel is stylish and modern. The normal thing is that it has an anti-fingerprint treatment, but even so, you will not get rid of wiping it often if you really want to keep it clean.

Other microwaves in white, gray, black or even colors are not bad either. What you like most.

Another issue is the interior. The enameled ones tend to be worse old. More dirt builds up, tends to yellow over time, the coating may bulge, or even rust spots may appear. All this ends up affecting the operation and the useful life of the device.

Many users prefer stainless steel because the surface is more uniform and it also cleans better.

And one detail to keep in mind: if you have more stainless steel appliances and you want them to match , keep in mind that from one brand to another, or even between different models, the appearance of steel may be slightly different in both tone and color. formation of the veins. You may not mind, but do not be surprised.


Normally the microwave power fluctuates between 700 and 1000 W, and the speed with which it will heat or cook food depends on this .

The most logical thing is to think that a 900 W appliance will heat faster than an 800 W one, and this is probably the case, but the theoretical power is not always fully utilized. It may depend a bit on the materials, the interior design and whether or not the microwave has some technology specially developed for the uniform distribution of the microwaves.

There is a very homemade but very reliable way to measure the real power of a device: if in my old microwave the infusion water boiled in a minute and a half and in the new (and more powerful) it takes two, something does not add up. Another unit of measure that does not fail is the bag of popcorn. It seems silly, but the time it takes to finish it is a standard and is good for reference.

The power of the grill is usually 1000 W, and both in cooking are around 1500 W. However, we insist: at this point the technology makes the difference.

The extras

It is very important that you do not get carried away only by the offers and analyze well what you are going to need or what you would like your microwave to have so that it really is a useful device that gives you a better quality of life on a day-to-day basis. These are some of the more interesting extras:

  • Child lock. If you do not have children at home, or they are older, this is not going to be of great importance, but if they are small you will not have enough. One less thing to watch out for.
  • Turntable disconnection. This functionality is not very common, but there are devices that have it, usually those with an advanced heat distribution system. Stopping the plate allows you to use a greater variety of dishes (rectangular, oval) and make better use of the total surface of the oven.
  • ECO function. Interesting, first, because of the energy savings. And second, because there are those who are quite annoyed by the little lights that are always on. The ECOs, when they have not been used for a while, automatically turn off the display.
  • Energy efficiency. The more efficient the better. Check the label and calculate how much the price increases and how much you think you will save with more efficient consumption (especially if you are going to use the oven a lot). Sometimes it pays to spend a little more to save on a day-to-day basis.
  • The light. In some microwaves the interior light only turns off when the door is closed. Maybe you don’t care, but you better know it before, because it will force you to always have the door closed, even when you want the oven to cool or ventilate a bit after cooking.

Some microwaves incorporate LED lights, more efficient and more beautiful.

  • Sound. End of cooking warnings and sounds when pressing the keys are one of the things that most bother users. Each device has its way of letting you know that your glass of milk is ready: a long beep, several uniform beeps, or combining a couple of tones or there are even those that incorporate a little music that, they presume, will be more pleasant.

Some are limited to a couple of touches and others announce it with great fanfare. Think that you will live with that sound on a daily basis and you will hear it thousands of times before you change the device, so you should get along with its way of warning.

It is best to buy a microwave that has the ability to configure the sound or even remove it. This will be very practical if you live in a small apartment, if you wake up earlier than the rest of the inhabitants of the house or if you simply do not like the insistent beeps.

Unfortunately not all devices have that option. If the one you like has sound yes or yes, at least, don’t particularly dislike it. It is more important than it may seem.

  • Quick start key. Very comfortable. At the end of the day, what you are going to do the most is heat. It is worth having it.

Dismantling Hoaxes: Are Microwaves Dangerous?

Turning on the microwaveAround microwaves, a few urban legends have been generated that are put back into circulation from time to time.

Surely you have heard some: that microwaves cause cancer, that radiation destroys the properties of food, that you cannot look at much when it is working because it can damage your eyes …

Actually, if your microwave is in good condition , it has no cracks, the glass is not broken, the interior lining has not deteriorated due to use … that is, if the device is in normal conditions to be used, there is no evidence that none of these risks are real.

However, there are some precautions you should take:

  • Always use suitable containers . Not all plastics are suitable for use in a microwave. They must be treated to withstand very high temperatures without melting and without decomposing.
  • Do not run it idle . Microwaves act on water molecules, as explained above. It will end up overheating and causing a breakdown.
  • Do not heat metals or you will get a good scare. And watch out for foil, it’s easy to slip in without you noticing.

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