10 Best Ironing Board of 2021 – Comparison and Guide

If you are one of those who postpone ironing until the mountain reaches an inordinate height and you have no choice but to attack, you are in the right place.

If you have a traditional iron, this will sound familiar: having to give each garment 7 passes, fight to remove wrinkles from jeans or take half an hour with each shirt.

Top 5 Best Ironing Board: Editor’s Pick

Why don’t you go to an ironing center? The steam generated in a separate tank, combined with the temperature of the iron, will leave your clothes like dry cleaners. And on top of that, you save time!

Do not be afraid: the ironing centers of a lifetime were “dead” but today there are domestic versions that occupy the same or little more than a normal iron.

To help you buy wisely and make your ironing days as enjoyable as possible, we have analyzed the best ironing centers of the moment.

The 10 best ironing Board Reviews:

These are the 10 best models of ironing centers that we propose so that you can have professional results without leaving home.

10. Aigostar 31JHJ

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The Aigostar 31JHJ ironing center is a great option if your cabinets are already too full and storage space is a problem.

It is not that it is the lightest model (almost 9 kg) of this top 10 but it is completely disassembled , which makes it very easy to store it in any corner.

We like this model mainly for two reasons: its design with that attractive mint green and the large capacity of its tank .

You have 2 liters that give you one hour of steam to easily remove wrinkles from any fabric, although it is fair to say that this type of vertical ironing center is more designed for light fabrics such as blouses or dresses.

To remove stubborn creases or from strong fabrics, such as polo shirts or jeans, we recommend that you opt for horizontal ironing centers that tend to have a higher steam blast than vertical ones.

Anyway, we also really liked the possibility of using the steam flat on a small table that it incorporates in the upper part. With it you can finish difficult areas of your garments, such as collars, cuffs, hems or folds.

And if we talk about safety, the Aigostar 31JHJ ironing center has not disappointed us, since it has an auto-off function that is activated as soon as it reaches a temperature higher than 145º, detects a lack of water or a failure in the thermostat arises.

  • Disassembles completely and fits in small spaces
  • Has safety shutdown
  • Can be used for one hour with constant steam
  • Although easy to use, overall it is heavy
  • Your brand is not as popular as the other models on this list
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9. Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron (1725W, with Stainless Steel Sole),

Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron (1725W, with Stainless Steel Sole)
  • The new Microsteam 400 HD soleplate offers the best steam distribution on the...
  • Water tank window: 11 Oz. water tank with water-level viewing window for...
  • Long-lasting performance: The integrated anti-scale system prevents scale from...

The Rowenta LS8460D ironing center is perfect for when you’re in a rush and realize at the last minute that your shirt has more wrinkles than a raisin. This model begins to emit steam in just 45 seconds (a record time for vertical irons of this style).

Now, do not try to iron a whole laundry with it , it is not designed for it or at least that is our perception. It would take a long time, since the maximum steam it emits barely reaches 35 g / min.

Why use this iron then? It will help you a lot when retouching clothes that you had folded in the wardrobe , giving a turn to jackets or coats and dressing light fabrics , which do not have very marked folds.

Another aspect that attracts us about this model is that it manages to almost completely eliminate germs and bacteria from the fabrics, so it is interesting if you have children and want their clothes to be always disinfected.

Really, and very sorry, although the manufacturer considers the Rowenta LS8460D1 as an ironing center, the truth is that it falls halfway between an ironing center and a conventional vertical iron.

Of course, for a quick fix it is the perfect solution.

  • With its XL head you can cover more tissue
  • Steam settings are controlled from the head
  • Completely removes musty odor from garments
  • Heats up quickly, just plugged in
  • Get clothes a little wet when you wear them often
  • Low steam power
  • It does not have autonomy to iron all the laundry

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8. Polti Vaporella 535 ECO Pro

Polti is well known for doing both, but to our surprise this model breaks the high price norm . Of course, by lowering the price they have eliminated some features that, without being essential, you may miss.When mentioning the Polti Vaporella 535 ECO Pro ironing center , surely the good quality to which the brand has accustomed us and a price above the average comes to mind .

A priori, it has many things that we like:

  • It is a small team and easy to handle
  • The materials are of good quality
  • Its cork handle will help you hold the iron safely
  • It has automatic alerts both for the lack of water and to indicate that the steam is ready
  • It integrates an ECO function that automatically regulates the pressure, saving up to 30% of water and energy

But there are also things that could be improved, such as not including an anti-scale system. This means that you must use distilled water to prevent the iron from deteriorating. It is not serious and it happens in other models, but perhaps we expected more from Polti.

The way to refill the tank can also be uncomfortable . You have to interrupt the ironing, wait for it to cool down, add the water and reheat, something that can be heavy considering that it is 0.9 liters.

That said, we recommend the Polti Vaporella 535 ECO Pro model for people who are buying an ironing center for the first time, couples without children or singles who have little laundry.

  • Good price, to be a Polti
  • ECO function to save light and water
  • Solid but lightweight design
  • Low tank capacity that limits ironing.
  • You need filtered or distilled water.
  • It only has a steam outlet at the tip of the iron

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7. Comfort Touch Plus Vertical Professional Garment Steamer

Comfort Touch Plus Vertical Professional Garment Steamer
  • LARGE CAPACITY - (1.7L) tank Steamer ready in 30 seconds, and provides 11-speed...
  • Multifunction - It's applicable to sweater, coat, suits, curtains, bedding's and...
  • Great for last minute touch ups thanks to its powerful 1800W vertical steam

If you are fond of fragrances, surely an extra like this motivates you to buy, as well as its beautiful and original design , but there are other attractions that must be mentioned. The Philips Comfort Touch Plus incorporates a fragrance diffuser in the head . This system not only manages to eliminate the smell of humidity, but also directly impregnates the aroma of your favorite perfume on the garments.

For example, that it incorporates a hanger that you can raise and lower at will so that ironing is more comfortable for you and a board (yes, vertically) , on which you can support your clothes.

But we have some other downside. Some users consider it cumbersome. The truth is that it is not small , but we see it as condensed and compact enough to be able to park it in any corner of the house (there are much larger ironing centers).

The price is perhaps our biggest objection. Being honest, we present you ironing centers in this top 10 cheaper and with better benefits, although you should already go to the category of horizontal centers.

But if what you want is a vertical iron, without a doubt the Philips Comfort Touch Plus model will give you professional results in a few passes.

  • Allows you to add perfume to clothes
  • Modern design, with an unmistakable purple color
  • Includes vertical table
  • The price
  • There is no button to pause the steam, so if you get distracted it runs out quickly
  • If you don’t use it completely vertically, release a little water

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6. 999257000 SENSITY Compact NS 918685 – Anti-scale filter (2 units),

999257000 SENSITY Compact NS 918685 - Anti-scale filter (2 units),
  • Sensity compact anti-limescale filter in 918685, 2 units

You can tell that the Taurus Sensity Compact Non Stop ironing center has been designed for continuous use at home.

It is a light model, with an ergonomic handle and is equipped with an unlimited Non Stop charging system, which means that the water can be recharged in full operation.

One of the things we like the most about the model is its ceramic sole and not aluminum , like most plates with similar characteristics. With it it will move better through the tissues. Of course, first you must regulate the temperature well , because if it is too high it can slightly slow down the sliding and / or damage the clothes.

We miss an on / off button , something basic if you have a habit of pausing between each batch of pants. You will have to unplug it even to go to the bathroom if you do not want all the water in the tank to be used up, but it is a simple detail.

We are also not convinced that the brand boasts of its silent technology . We honestly disagree. It is true that when the steam comes out it is not to be alarmed too much (this will be what they refer to in their advertising), but when it comes to heating the water, it emits a sound that is annoying.

If you don’t care about these details, with the Taurus Sensity Compact NS ironing center you can achieve professional results at home, without having to invest too much.

  • Ceramic sole
  • Anti-scale system that allows you to use tap water
  • Ergonomic: fits well in the hand and weighs little
  • Makes noise when heating water
  • Maximum steam force falls short on deep wrinkles
  • Must unplug to turn on and off

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5. Ufesa PL2410

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Taking into account that it is one of the cheapest options that we have seen , the Ufesa PL2410 ironing center is very complete in value for money.

It is Ufesa and that is saying something. This brand is supposed to have a quality standard that does not disappoint. Although we see room for improvement, in general it is a model that meets expectations.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that it is not suitable for large loads or continuous use, but in everyday situations its characteristics save you a lot of time:

  • It is very useful for both dry ironing and vertical ironing , which will make it easier for you to iron curtains or long dresses.
  • Its ceramic sole is resistant and fulfills its function of easy gliding.
  • If you want to move it, it has a locking system that fixes the iron to the base during movement.
  • You can use tap water (as long as it does not have a lot of lime) or filtered, its anti-scale cartridge will help you extend the life of your iron.

In short, we do not have many drawbacks for the Ufesa PL2410 ironing center. If we miss an on / off button, and a little more power would not be bad.

  • Good value for money
  • You can transport it without fear if you fix the iron to the base.
  • Includes an anti-scale cartridge
  • Has a compartment to store the cable
  • It has no on / off button
  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Steam comes out of the tip of the iron only, not over the entire surface

No products found.

4. Rowenta Steam Pro – Professional Iron (1800W, Auto On / Off, 400 Holes)

With the Rowenta Silence Steam model, it is over to say that “when this chapter is over I start ironing”. Thanks to its silent technology you can do both at the same time.

The popular brand of household appliances presents us with this model that on paper is quite complete and that, in practice, has surprised us for good.

Although it should be mentioned that expectations are not the only thing that exceeds: the price also gets a bit out of hand compared to the other options on this list.

Because we like it?

  • The design convinces us (although we understand that it is subjective)
  • The tip of the base makes it easy to reach difficult areas
  • It has anti-scale system with a removable rod for easy cleaning
  • You can fill it without waiting for it to cool
  • It has ECO function

To get picky, apart from the fact that the price seems high to us, the steam controls of this Rowenta Silence Steam ironing center are a bit confusing, but everything is getting used to.

  • Large and removable tank
  • Warns of the remaining amount of steam
  • Keep your promise to be quiet
  • It has a safety closure so that it does not slip
  • The price is high, although correct for the benefits of the iron
  • Consume a lot of water
  • The maximum steam boost is not as high as in other similarly priced models

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3. Bosch Series 6 Easy Comfort

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The first is the Easy Comfort system , with which you do not need to manually change the power for each type of garment. The Bosch Series 6 Easy Comfort ironing center has two main advantages that have caught our attention.

The iron automatically detects if it is a firm or delicate fabric and offers the perfect combination of temperature and steam , eliminating your fear of burning, for example, silk or linen garments.

Although the system works surprisingly well, it doesn’t hurt to check the temperature every time we change fabrics, because it takes a few seconds to adjust.

The second second advantage is the Calc’n Clean Timer system , which not only removes limescale from the inside of the boiler, but also periodically cleans the iron itself to prevent the steam outlet from clogging.

Of course, more or less every 90 hours of use, a pilot will light so that you do not forget to clean the anti-scale rod . If you do not, two things will happen to you: the indicator will continue to light infinitely and it may affect, in the long run, the operation of the equipment.

Another of its strengths is safety : if after about 8 minutes the iron detects no activity, it turns off automatically.

In short, the Bosch Series 6 Easy Comfort ironing center is a good option to replace your old iron if you get lost easily and do not want anything to go out on fire.

  • Temperature and steam are regulated automatically
  • If it is not used for a long time, it turns off
  • Steam is ready in two minutes
  • Loses some water when it gets too hot
  • When lowering its temperature so much in delicate fabrics, it is necessary to take several passes to eliminate wrinkles
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2. Braun BRSF 001 Anti-Limescale Filter – Compatible with Braun

Braun BRSF 001 Anti-Limescale Filter - Compatible with Braun
  • Durability: the water filter is suitable for Braun steam ironing stations from...
  • Easy and intuitive filter change: thanks to the extra-large water tank opening,...
  • Durability: one filter is sufficient for 30 litres or 23 water tank fills.

In general, all its characteristics have exceeded our expectations (the size also threw us off, we expected less).A priori, the Braun Care style Compact ironing center may seem small , but believe us when we tell you that this is exactly what makes it more special.

Perhaps with use, problems will arise (we have not found user comments on this either), so for now we can only say good things about this ironing center:

  • It has an original design , with vertical support at the base, and is presented in blue or purple.
  • Not only is it small in size, but the iron also weighs less than a kilo (2.5 kg with the tank), making it super handy
  • Correct steam power for vertical ironing
  • Its tank is not bad, it has 1.3 liters of storage: at least 1 hour and a half without having to refill
  • It also has an anti-scale filter to extend its useful life

But what we like the most about this ironing center is the 3D soleplate . A curved, bidirectional sole that allows you to iron quickly and in all directions. It is very noticeable with the button areas of shirts, for example, although you have to turn the iron in reverse (with the curved area).

In order not to be optimistic, we are going to put one downside to this Braun Care style Compact center: to use continuous steam you have to keep the button pressed constantly and force your thumb if it is a long time.

  • Very fast and effective ironing, in all directions
  • It takes up little space, you can save it wherever you want
  • Weighing less than 1kg, you won’t get so tired when ironing
  • Great value for money
  • Round reservoir is a bit awkward to remove
  • Press and hold a button for continuous steam

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1 Philips GC9545 / 02 Perfect Care Silence steam generator / ironing station

Philips GC9545 / 02 Perfect Care Silence steam generator / ironing station
  • 220~240 V EU PLUG , OptimalTEMP technology - one setting for the perfect...
  • Powerful Pressurised Silent Steam Generator - 6.5 bars with 340g steam boost for...
  • SteamGlide soleplate - durable, scratch resistant and glides easily on all...

With the Philips Optimal Temp ironing center, you don’t have to worry about consumption. Despite its high power of 2400 watts and 6.2 bar of pressure, you can save water and energy thanks to high energy efficiency and ECO mode.

This model is highly recommended for families (or people who tend to procrastinate the iron and accumulate mountains of clothes). Why? Well, because its deposit lasts between 2 and 3 hours of intense ironing , something difficult to achieve in models with similar characteristics.

The downside of the tank is that it is not removable, this is perhaps the biggest but that we see. Since you cannot remove it, if you run out of water, you have to interrupt the ironing , wait for it to cool down, refill and plug it back in so that the water can heat up again.

Although it must also be said that it will not happen very often, because its 2.5-liter capacity spreads.

One aspect to highlight is its Optimal Temp system, which automatically levels the steam and temperature to save you trouble when ironing delicate fabrics. And if you forget it on, it turns off automatically .

Another advantage of using the Philips Optimal Temp ironing station is that you can choose from three steam options : a normal function that can be fixed or sporadic, the ECO mode for normal clothes and a super steam mode that you can use for difficult creases.

  • More than two hours of steam without filling
  • It has an integrated anti-scale system, without cartridges
  • It is light and handy
  • The car off can save you more than one upset
  • Although it is quite quiet, heating the water raises the noise level
  • The tank is not removable and you will have to empty it after each use

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Our recommendations

The best value for money ironing center: Bosch 6 Series Easy Comfort

In the end, we have opted for Bosch for two details that seem crucial when choosing an ironing system: We have to admit that this position has been close between the Ufesa PL2410 model and the Bosch Series 6 Easy Comfort model.

  • The removable tank makes use very easy. That you can remove it gives you the possibility of refilling water while the iron continues to work, so you extend the autonomy time.
  • The fact that it cleans automatically and completely removes lime from both the boiler and the iron is a plus. You just have to be aware of cleaning the rod when the pilot lights up. Simple maintenance that takes a lot of effort.

Plus, it starts up fast, automatically adjusts temperature to fabric type, and weighs very little . With those features, the price is quite a bargain.

Best vertical ironing center: Philips Comfort Touch Plus

Its design is so modern that you can almost leave it visible in a corner of the house. There will be those who do not like this unusual oval shape, but its function (working almost like a mannequin) fulfills it well, so we do not fault it. Taking into account that vertical ironing centers have a specific purpose that is far from ironing huge mountains of clothes, we have opted for the Philips Comfort Touch Plus model because it is the one that surprises us the most:

  • We liked the idea of ​​choosing the fragrance for the clothes. It is actually a simple mechanism, but the simple fact of having it incorporated into an ironing system seems innovative to us.
  • And if it eliminates mites and bacteria on top , you can’t ask for much more.

In addition, of course to offer a fast and correct ironing; But in the end, we awarded it the first place in the category of best vertical ironing center for offering us something different and special.

Best horizontal ironing center: Philips Optimal Temp

Basically because it has everything a professional ironing center needs (including power for those difficult wrinkles) and, moreover, its price is not exaggerated .Although we like all the models in this top 10 for one reason or another, our number one goes to the Philips Optimal Temp model.

The saving of light and water is important, especially in an appliance that consumes so much power. This one has an eco steam mode and its energy efficiency is the highest in the table (A +++).

We are very convinced by the security extras, specifically three : perfect temperature control, auto-off function and the closure to fix the iron to the base, ideal if we want to move it to another room, or change it from home.

The truth is that we would like the water tank to be removable, but since it is 2.5 liters , it seems a rather insignificant detail.

Of course, it is ideal for large families or people who iron all their clothes.

The lightest and most manageable ironing center: Ufesa PL2410

To be honest, it was not difficult to choose the Braun Care style Compact.

It is the smallest and lightest ironing center of our entire top 10 , by far, and that has earned it the most points, but they have also added the following benefits:

  • Its original design that breaks with the usual aesthetics of horizontal ironing centers.
  • To be a small model, its deposit lasts up to an hour and a half . The best part is that it can be refilled without having to unplug.
  • Ironing above the buttons and in all directions without impediment is very comfortable. In addition, the shape of the sole reduces the creases that are generated inadvertently when ironing.

For all this and because we can store it or take it anywhere without taking up too much , the title for the most manageable ironing center is for the Braun Care style Compact. Guide to buying the best ironing center

Choose ironing centerThere are several reasons for wanting to change the iron : the one you have is from the year of the cough and it can no longer deal with complicated wrinkles, or it takes a long time to heat, or it sticks, or it has stopped working directly …

Or maybe your family situation has changed and now you have more iron than before, and you want something faster to solve your task.

An ironing center is the solution to this problem: fast iron thanks to the steam system , much more effective than a traditional iron.

And besides, the result is almost professional.

Although you can reduce the volume of the ironing basket, there are certain items that will not release, such as dress shirts. So let’s find the best ironing center to avoid spending too much time and always be able to go as a brush.

Difference between ironing center and steam iron

But it’s not the same? Not at all, and the differences are obvious:

Steam iron

It is the compact iron of a lifetime , which has a steam function. Unlike ironing centers, these emit steam through the hot sole of the iron , that is, they do not heat the water directly, but the cold water in its small tank condenses on contact with the hot base, and from there comes the steam.

In addition, the tank is integrated into the iron itself and is very small, it serves to give a shot of steam at a certain time , but little else.

Ironing center

In this type of system, the iron is connected to an external boiler that directly heats the water, and achieves more steam power than in conventional irons . This steam penetrates better the garments obtaining professional results in less time.

Vertical and horizontal ironing center. Which one do I prefer?

As we usually say on this blog: it depends . Let’s see what each one is and what it is used for.


Ironing center with laundryThey allow you to iron the clothes without taking them off the hanger , or give the curtains a look once they are hung.

The boiler is usually at ground level and the handle is usually small and handy , with a long cable between the two pieces to facilitate mobility. Many include a small iron or clothes rack.

By the way, don’t mess with other offers: there are mini vertical irons that can do more or less the same function, but if you don’t have the external tank, it’s not an ironing center and you won’t get the same steam effect. These mini irons are used to get out of the way or to take on a trip, but little else.

Although it is frankly comfortable, a vertical ironing center responds worse than a horizontal one if the fabric is very wrinkled. If what you want is to speed up the typical ironing afternoon, better go to the next section.


Like a traditional iron but, of course, with a separate tank where the water is heated. There is no more mystery.

Be careful here too: there are models that are sold as ironing centers just because they have the outer box.

And no, what you have to look at is the process of heating the waterSome simply store the liquid but then let the steam rise in contact with the hot iron. Come on, not only do you not get the steam power you were looking for, but you also have a huge appliance taking up space at home. Be careful with that.

What features to look at in an ironing center?

Vertical ironing centerThe first logical impulse is to look at the price , but don’t believe. Sometimes, neither is gold that glitters, nor is cheap expensive. As in almost any appliance, there are little-known brands that can give us a pleasant surprise.

On many occasions the price is increased by the prestige of the brand and others by the quantity and quality of its services.

For this reason, the ideal is that you have clear your needs from the beginning and establish a maximum budget that helps you not to buy more … or less.

Let’s see the main characteristics to take into account:


Weight and size

To begin with, you have to understand that ironing centers weigh more than traditional systems. The usual thing is that the total weight (boiler and iron) is between 4 and 6 kilos.

It is true that this can be lazy when it comes to taking out the device and setting up the ironing session, but you also have to think that it has evolved a lot and there are models that do not reach 3 kilos.

Perhaps the most important thing is the separate weight of the iron, after all it is what we are going to hold for the longest time. The ideal would be between 1 and 1.5 kilos so that we can hold out for a long time without overloading our wrists.

The size does not have to be decisive, it will depend on whether you have free space in your house or not. But, we warn you that, although most have a condensed design, they are usually a bit bulky, compared to the traditional iron.

Water tank

Horizontal ironing centerPerhaps this is the key characteristic that will determine the comfort when ironing:

Capacity: The duration of the steam is related to the power, but above all to the liters of water in the tank . From 1 liter, with normal activity it can last for about 60 minutes of autonomy.

Refilling: There are limited systems that do not allow you to fill the tank while the iron is on and therefore you have to wait for them to cool down, and there are unlimited or Non Stop systems in which you can add water without having to unplug it.

Type: The tank can be removable or integrated into the tank itself. The problem that it is not removable is that if you have an unlimited system you will have to transfer the water to the ironing area, otherwise you can take the tank directly to the tap (as long as it has an anti-scale filter, of course).


You will find the pressure indicated in bars and it is the one that can give us an indication of whether the ironing center that we are considering will behave well with wrinkles or not.

The greater the number of bars, the sooner you will finish ironing, because you will probably have to pass the garments less.

The appropriate thing would be to have a model between 4 and 6 bars, but we would also have to measure the steam output, since it is a characteristic that goes hand in hand with pressure.

Steam outlet

Steam ironing centerThis point is very important, without steam we can never achieve professional results. We distinguish two types of output:

Constant steam: In many models it is operated by means of a button, in others it comes out directly once the boiler heats up the water. You can adapt to this, but it would be interesting if you had the option of stopping this steam so that the water does not consume too quickly.

Ideally, the speed of the steam when leaving should be between 90 and 120 gr / minute. With this data, you will understand why vertical ironing centers, which barely reach 40 gr / min, are recommended for easily ironed garments or specific touch-ups.

Steam boost: It is what will help us eliminate the most difficult wrinkles. Usually this is the value shown by the manufacturers, since it corresponds to the maximum steam speed that the iron will have, but it must be taken into account that we only activate it at specific times.

The value that should appear in the specifications to remove difficult wrinkles and iron thick fabrics in a few passes, would have to be between 200 and 300 grams of steam per minute.An iron that is below this range does not have to be of poor quality, but it will have to be passed more times to obtain the same results.

Energy efficiency and savings

On the basis that the ideal power for the ironing center to heat up quickly should be 2000 watts, it must be taken into account that the consumption will be somewhat higher than a traditional iron.

Therefore, it would be smart to have equipment with high energy efficiency on the rating scale to reduce this consumption.

Therefore, if you choose an ironing center with an ECO function, you will not only save energy , you will also reduce water consumption. In reality, if we compare this type of system with conventional ones, we are already saving 40% more water , thanks to steam optimization.

Security and other extras

Ironing center tableSafety comes standard, considering we are working with pressurized steam. Something that can be dangerous if the mechanism is not prepared for it.

But there are certain extras that redound to that security, such as the iron having an auto-shutdown system if it does not detect activity, essential in case you leave the mechanism on when leaving the room.

It is also interesting that it directly regulates the temperature so as not to burn delicate fabrics , or that it has a safety lock so that the iron does not separate from the base when we have to move it.

As for the other extras, although more and more features are being added for this type of iron, you can conclude your decision based on the following:

Cleaning and maintenance: Having an automatic anti-scale system or allowing tablets to be inserted so that the equipment does not deteriorate excessively due to the accumulation of lime, is a plus. If not, you have to use distilled water.

Sole material: Usually it is aluminum, but there are also ceramic ones that move much faster through fabrics, stainless steel or palladium, a very clean material similar to ceramic.

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