Best Hair Straighteners of 2021 – Comparison and Guide

We all want clean, shiny hair with a perfect hairstyle. But for most mortals it is impossible to go to the hairdresser on a daily basis, both for the price and the time it would take.

However, it is possible to achieve a smooth Japanese effect without using chemicals; dare with artistic waves or profiled curls without having to spend a fortune in hairdressing.

With a hair straightener and a modicum of expertise (very little, really), you’ve got it done.

The key is to choose an iron that offers you guarantees and that takes care of your hair . When working with heat it is easy to damage the hair, and you can even burn if it is not well insulated.

That is why we have prepared this  list of recommended hair straighteners that will help you improve your image without compromising the health of your hair along the way.

The 10 best hair straighteners of 2021

10.  Philips Essential Care HP8321 / 00

A basic and functional iron for those who do not want to complicate with extra features.

If what you want is a quick straightening and you are not going to mess with complicated hairstyles , this Philips Essential Care straightener will meet your expectations.

Operation is as basic as an on / off button. The ceramic plates and tourmaline are heated in about 60 seconds and slide without pulling the hair.

A being such simple iron can not regulate the temperature , which is set at 210 ° . It is quite hot, so you must be careful not to give too many passes if you do not want to damage the hair. In that sense, it is good that the plates are quite long (10 cm) since you can iron large locks at a time.

If your plan is to take it on a trip, the universal voltage allows you to use it in any country in the world . Although it does not include a travel case (normal, for that price), it does have a lock to close the clamps so that they are protected during transport.

If you use the iron every day or have brittle hair, this iron may be a bit short on performance. But for specific uses it is perfect .

It is a great purchase also if it is your first iron and you are not sure how you are going to use it. So you try without spending a lot of money, and you are always on time after jumping to something a little more specific.

  • The price, the cheapest you will find.
  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates glide on easily.
  • 10 cm plates for quick straightening.
  • It does not allow to regulate the temperature, which is fixed at 210º.
  • No safety shutdown.

9.  Kipozi

Chinese technology in a cheap plate with great results.

It is becoming more and more common to find quality Chinese brands on our recommended lists. This is the case of Kipozi, which presents a professional hair straightener at a domestic price .

Kipozi competes, if not in prestige and fame, then in performance and small details for those who value technological extras.

Hence the LCD to monitor at all times the state of the iron, the three settings preset temperature (140 ° , 180 ° , 210 ° ) and coating titanium to prevent crimps.

Includes a gift box and a travel bag. But be careful, it is not thermal and you have to wait for the iron to cool to put it away.

It’s very light and easy to handle , and the plates are wide enough to straighten wide strands of hair, and narrow enough to achieve defined curls.

The safety shutdown can be programmed between 30 and 180 minutes. Thus, if you are doing a hairstyle that requires time, the iron will not turn off by itself but will give more time.

In short, for such a low price it is a high quality iron. Okay, the brand is not known, but the benefits are great , as well as the user ratings.

  • Great value for money.
  • Although it does not have an ionizer, the titanium plates prevent frizz.
  • Travel bag and safety closure for greater security when storing the iron.
  • The thermal insulation is not total, and the heat is noticeable if you use it for a long time.
  • It just lacks the thermal cover to be perfect for travel.

8.  Rowenta Optiliss Elite

A basic iron that takes care of your hair without spending too much money.

The price of the Rowenta Optiliss Elite is surprisingly low for a straightener that, without having great additions, more than fulfills its mission of shaping the hair without damaging it.

The keratin coating helps protect the hair and the tourmaline prevents frizz. It does not include the function of an ionizer, but it does avoid static electricity quite a bit and helps to leave hair smooth and shiny.

It takes 60 seconds for the iron to reach the optimum temperature . It’s a bit slow, but that’s where the price comes in: you’ll have to assess whether it pays you to pay double for gaining 45 seconds every morning.

The temperature range is usually between 130 ° and 230 ° , is regulated with a wheel on the side. Once set, the locking system prevents inadvertent changes and the temperature stabilizes automatically after each pass.

Its narrow shape and lock to keep the iron closed make it easy to transport. But you will have to wait for it to cool down before storing it, because it does not include a thermal cover. Anyway, in this price range you can’t ask for more : a reliable and simple iron that does its job without damaging the hair.

  • The price, less than € 30.
  • Narrow plates are comfortable if you want to make waves or curls.
  • The temperature control system means that you need fewer strokes to get your hair ready.
  • It includes a small bag to store the iron, but it is not thermal. You have to wait for it to cool down to be able to store it.
  • It does not have an ionizer, although tourmaline prevents frizz.

7. BaByliss IPro Slim

A comfortable anti-frizz flat iron for straightening and curling.

Without going too high a price, the BaByliss IPro Slim iron has everything you need: advanced ceramic floating plates, instant heating and homogeneous heat distribution, safety shutdown in case you leave it on …

Everything is well achieved in this Babyliss: the iron works well, it glides correctly, and the six temperature settings allow us to play with the type of hairstyle we want, even in extreme heat.

But it is in the extras where it shines the most. For starters, it has an ionizer to prevent frizz and leave hair smooth and shiny. And also the wet & dry function allows it to be used on wet hair.

It is important to say that it cannot be soaked because it will damage the hair, but it works reasonably well in high humidity levels, since it has a ventilation system that allows steam to escape during ironing.

The plates are longer than usual (12 cm) and the rounded tip makes it very comfortable to work with waves.

It includes a thermal mat to support the iron while it cools. If I had a travel case it would be perfect, but by wrapping the iron in the mat you can make a trick to keep it warm.

In addition, the plates lock for you to store and transport it more comfortably.

  • The price, € 50 or less.
  • It has an ionizer.
  • Wide range of temperatures.
  • A travel case is missing.
  • If you leave it on for a long time, its outer part can burn.

6. Remington Keratin Therapy Pro

An iron with extra protection for brittle or damaged hair.

The Remington brand has positioned itself in the hair straightener market as a synonym for quality at a good price. There are those who compare it with GHD , the benchmark brand, which moves in a higher price range. Without competing directly in performance, the Remington stands up to you with excellent value for money.

The Remington Keratin Therapy Pro adds keratin ceramic mix, in order to protect the hair from the aggression of heat. It is therefore a very interesting iron for fine and brittle hair, damaged by dye or the sun.

To increase protection against burns, it incorporates a sensor similar to Braun’s SensoCare , although perhaps a little less developed. But in any case it detects the moisture level of the hair and optimizes the temperature accordingly.

The tilting, extra-long plates are comfortable for both straightening and long-lasting waves and curls . The iron heats up in 15 seconds, and beeps to indicate that it is ready.

With a price similar to Remington Pearl , Keratin Therapy Pro is especially recommended if you are very concerned about your hair health, either because the hair is already damaged, or because you think that it is better to prevent damage than to regret it.

  • Extra long plates
  • Universal voltage to be able to take it on a trip to any country in the world.
  • The keratin treatment protects hair 57% more than a conventional ceramic straightener.
  • It does not have great thermal insulation, the heat can become annoying on the hand if it is used for a long time.
  • Hair can get caught between the ceramic plate and the holder.

5.  Remington Pearl

Smoothness and speed to give fewer passes with the iron.

The Remington brand has an eighty-year history in the field of electrical personal care products. Their hair straighteners are always on the best-seller list , with a great value for money.

This is the case of the Remington Pearl , whose name is explained because the plates have a ceramic coating combined with pearl. This makes the passes through the hair much smoother than normal , avoiding pulling and snagging. In addition, the touch of pearl hardens the surface and extends the useful life of the iron.

Thanks to its rapid heat-up turbo function, it’s ready to use in 10 seconds and has ultra-fast temperature level recovery between passes , preventing it from getting too cold when running.

The LCD screen allows you to adjust the heat between 150 ° -235 ° . It also has a temperature lock option to avoid unwanted changes, by accidentally touching the buttons.

The plates are extra long, allowing you to cover thick locks, saving styling time and damaging your hair less, because you need fewer passes to work.

In terms of price and features, it is very similar to the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro , although the Pearl is more suitable if you have a sensitive scalp and suffer too much from pulling when combing your hair.

  • The pearl coating is especially soft on strokes, it works very well for very long hair and curls.
  • The extra long plates, 110 mm.
  • Includes heat resistant carrying bag.
  • The ionizer is missing, although at this price it is normal that it does not include it.
  • The safety button to keep the iron closed is quite flimsy.

4.  Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care

To protect hair from root to tip,

The Braun brand is more than known in the small appliance sector, and its Satin Hair offers the quality to which we are accustomed.

The most interesting thing is the brand’s own SensoCare system , which customizes and adjusts the level of heat required according to the needs of each moment.

Under the ceramic plates there are sensors that detect the hair’s humidity level so that the iron acts accordingly, adapting the temperature in each pass, even distinguishing between roots and ends.

To further improve precision, up to three different profiles can be created with data such as length, thickness, or whether the hair is colored. This allows several people to share the plate , which reacts differently depending on whether you work with one profile or another. The profiles are created in a very intuitive way, following the instructions on the screen.

This avoids exposing the hair to excessive heat or burning it when used with too much humidity. You also avoid unnecessary passes, since it includes speed control that tells you if it is adequate.

The rounded edges are very responsive when creating curls . And the cool-touch rubber tip prevents burns when turning the iron.

  • Great value for money.
  • The Senso Care system adjusts the temperature automatically with each pass.
  • Allows you to create up to three different user profiles.
  • Does not include thermal cover.
  • It does not have an ionizer.

3.  GHD Gold Max

For big manes and people in a hurry.

GHD appears on this list on its own merits. Although it is fair to say that their products can be expensive compared to other brands, the truth is that the quality is indisputable… and also that the brand status is paid.

The Gold range is uncomplicated and goes to the heart of the matter so that you can achieve perfect straightening, defined waves and very accomplished curls . The advanced ceramic plates distribute heat evenly and glide on with ease, protecting your hair from pulling and damage.

The temperature is maintained always stable to 185 ° , sufficient to shape the hair without damaging.

Its extra wide plates stand out , allowing you to work with wider strands of hair and achieve a quick straightening if you do not have the time or desire to try a more elaborate hairstyle.

The Max Styler is also perfect if you have a lot of hair, if it is very long or thick, or if you have a very closed natural curl.

If this is not your case, you may want to take a look at the GHD Gold Styler Classic , which is very similar in price and performance but has the narrower plates and can be more manageable.

  • The operation is impeccable.
  • The wide plates allow you to work with more hair with each pass.
  • Includes a thermal plate protector to store the iron safely.
  • The price. GHD is a high-end brand.
  • It has almost no extras, like the ionizer or the programming that other even cheaper brands allow.

2.  Corioliss C3

Titanium and silver plates to leave hair healthy and shiny .

Although the most common is to see plates with ceramic coating, the Corioliss C3 has opted for a titanium coating , which gives a great result both in terms of duration – it withstands the passage of time very well – and in heat diffusion.

In this way, it distributes the heat evenly over the entire available surface, achieving optimal results without having to resort to high temperatures or take too many passes that can damage the hair.

It is also noticeable that the ionizer works better , eliminating static electricity, reducing frizz and providing more shine and smoothness.

In addition, the coating of the iron incorporates silver particles, which eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, keeping hair healthy and the iron in perfect condition.

The temperature is set at four positions at 135 ° , 180 ° , 210 ° and 235 ° , and is automatically controlled three times per second, to ensure uniform heat all plates.

The Corioliss C3 is the evolution of the  Corioliss C2 . Not because it is older, is it a bad iron, what’s more, it even has advantages over the latest model:

  • More temperature range, a longer cable (4m vs 2.5m) and a slightly more rounded tip, perfect for curling.
  • As drawbacks, the temperature control is on the side of the plate, which can be accidentally touched, and it is a bit heavier than the C3, which is noticeable in the manageability.
  • Titanium plates are more efficient than ceramic plates.
  • It goes up to 235º , so it can be used for keratin straightening treatments.
  • It includes a thermal cover to keep it safely even when it is switched off.
  • It does not have dual voltage, high to consider if you travel a lot abroad.
  • The cable measures 2.5 meters, compared to the Corioliss C2 which is 4 meters.

1.  GHD Gold

An all-terrain iron, the favorite of hairdressers.

The GHD brand is probably the best valued in the hair straightener market , and the Gold is one of its best known and best-selling models.

Although its operation is very simple – it does not allow to regulate the temperature, it does not have an ionizer … – it offers excellent quality. In fact, it is the iron that you will see in most hair salons. If professionals use it, it is for something.

First, because with the GHD Gold you are buying an iron to last you many years. It is not complicated with great technologies but in return it is very robust and withstands intensive use. More cane that they give him in a hairdresser you are not going to give him …

And second because it works really well. The plates on the GHD Gold are tiltable and glide smoothly for extreme straightening. What do you prefer waves in your hair? Its rounded shape allows you to create curls with a natural finish.

It includes two sensors that control the temperature as you go through the hair, so that it is always stable and the hairstyle is completely uniform. There we are at 185 °, the maximum temperature that your hair can take without damage.

In case you forget to press the button when finished, the GHD automatically turns off after thirty minutes of use. And it has a plate protector for storage after use and ready to travel or to store in a drawer without waiting for it to cool.

The GHD Gold works well on any type of hair, but if you have a lot of volume you may also be interested in the GDH Max , with wider plates so that it takes less time to comb your hair.

  • Two sensors that ensure a stable temperature in each pass.
  • Plate protector to keep it hot.
  • It is a robust iron that will last you for years.
  • The price, the GHD brand and the quality are paid.
  • Although the optimal styling temperature is 185 °, it is missing being able to regulate it.

Our recommendations

The best professional hair straightener : GDH Gold

This is the iron that you will see in most hairdressers, a bomb-proof model that withstands long sessions of use and adapts to any type of hair.Either of the two GHDs that we recommend on this list is a great buy, but we stuck with the GHD Gold because it is the most versatile (the Max has the plates too wide for certain types of curls).

Precisely that generalist vocation makes it valid for straightening, curling, waving and shaping almost every hairstyle that comes to mind, with great results.

It is always kept at a medium temperature that protects the hair from burns: just enough not to need too many passes, but also to allow them if you want to insist on a certain area.

That’s why hairdressers love it: it protects hair and adds shine, without having to stop to program it or adjust any settings. You just turn it on and in 25 seconds it’s ready for whatever you need.

If you want to play it safe and stick with a hair straightener almost forever, the GHD Gold is the most reliable option.

The best ceramic hair straightener : BaByliss IPro Slim

The BaByliss IPro Slim has diamond ceramic plates . This does not mean that it has a diamond, but that it is ceramic enriched and treated to achieve extra resistance . It is therefore an iron that will last us a long time, with all the advantages of ceramic.Although lately titanium and tourmaline are gaining ground, ceramic is the usual material in hair straighteners, offering good results in both softness and durability.

In hairdressing, however, it has a disadvantage to take into account: while other materials already eliminate static electricity to a greater or lesser extent, ceramic by itself does not prevent hair frizz.

The BaByliss IPro Slim solves the problem by including an ionizer . This way, a perfect and shiny straightening is achieved, without that unsightly frizz that other irons give.

Best curling / wave straightener: Braun Satin hair 7 SensoCare


The rounded edges of the Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare allow a good glide even when we give the hair a full turn, so curls and waves are easily achieved.

This is common to many straighteners, but what convinces us about the Braun is the SensoCare system , which detects the moisture level of the hair and adjusts the temperature as needed.

It also allows you to create three different user profiles, fully customizing the heat settings, and warns you of the correct speed in each pass.

This extra protection system is always interesting, but much more when we want to curl the hair , because this requires handling the hair for a longer time and increasing contact with the iron. Hence, the Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare convinces us as the best hair straightener for waves or curls.

Best travel hair straightener : Remington Pearl S9500

Purchasing a hair straightener exclusively for travel is not usually a good idea. Unless you spend good money on something that is going to be used occasionally, travel plates are usually smaller and of poorer quality than the usual ones .

These two elements are not a good combination: the smaller size makes you need more strokes to comb your hair, and if the plates do not protect your hair well, it will pay the consequences.

That’s why our recommendation is that you get a good hair straightener that you can use both at home and on the go , and this may well be the Remington Pearl S9500 .

The ultrafast heating and long plates will allow you comb your hair quickly, the thermal case does not have to wait for the iron to cool to put it in the suitcase, and safety block keeps the iron closed to avoid damage during transport .

They are very interesting features for traveling, plus the Remington brand guarantee on an iron that is suitable for regular use.

The best cheap hair straightener : Kipozi

This is the case of the Kipozi , an iron that is around € 30 and has the basics of a good iron: tilting plates, good coating and manageability.It’s no surprise: if you want functional technology at a good price , Chinese brands are often the answer.

But it also includes three pre-programmed temperature settings, a titanium coating to avoid frizzy hair and an adjustable safety shutdown in case we want to use it for more than half an hour. The LDC screen allows convenient viewing of all settings.

It also includes a rigid box that works perfectly as a case to store the iron and a travel cover . The pity is that the latter does not isolate the heat, so you have to wait for the iron to cool down to put it away, something that can be annoying when you’re in a hurry.

In short, the Kipozi is a great hair straightener if you are looking for value for money.

Guide to buying a hair straightener

Today, an iron is almost as common in the bathroom of every home as the hair dryer.

There are many women – and more and more men – who use them to comb their hair every day and achieve a “hairdressing” look, both for straightening and for marking waves or curls.

If you don’t have an iron yet, what are you waiting for? This buying guide will help you find the model that suits you best.

Heat, ally of the hair

The best hair straightenerHeat has been used for decades to shape hair. The technique has evolved a lot since hot irons were used in the second half of the 19th century.

The first straightener, a device quite similar to what we know today, is attributed to a certain Lady Jennifer Bell , who is said to have had the brilliant idea in 1912 of joining two metal plates with a hinge, which were heated by placing them directly on the fire.

Also, surely you have heard that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers ironed their hair – but literally, with the clothes iron – when hair irons were not yet known or had not become widespread. It was the way to achieve an acceptable straightening when there were no other means.

Over the years the plates evolved and went from being available only in professional salons to becoming popular in the 90s . From then until today, the technology has improved a lot. The new materials ensure the protection of the hair and that is why the irons have become part of the daily toiletry bag in their own right.

The plates are based on a very simple operation: applying heat alters the structure of the hair , which is then recomposed thanks to the pressure exerted by the plates. It will be smooth or wavy depending on the shape we have wanted to give it. The finish is very good and its use is very easy. It’s no wonder we want some, right?

So… is my hair going to spoil if I use an iron?

Absolutely not. And then we put the nuances: no, if you use your hair straightener correctly.

  • First, use a state-of-the-art straightener , with enough quality to guarantee the health of your hair.
  • Second, use a suitable temperature.
  • Third, keep your hair cared for and always hydrated .
  • Fourth, do not become addicted to the iron, overuse it will end up taking its toll .

That is why it is important that you inform yourself before making your purchase and choose quality plates, which are available at affordable prices. Really, buying with a minimum of criteria, you can be sure that you will not have any problems. Now, if you use the ones your aunt had in the 60s or the ones that come as a gift when you buy a magazine, don’t be surprised if they fry your hair … literally.

Apart from that, we must talk about hair care. In addition to what you already use in your routine for washing, detangling, etc., if you become a user of a hair straightener you will have to add the heat protector, especially if you have dyed, bleached or highlighted hair . They are available in cream or spray. It doesn’t matter, use it every time you put the iron to work to protect and keep your hair hydrated, especially at the ends.

I want it straight, I want it with waves … The hair straightener does it all for me!

As a straightener, the hair straightener is fantastic. And more for those of us who hated those endless sessions of hair dryer and round brush, so that in the end the hair never finished looking good. Straightening with an iron has a much better result , and you can also give it a little more play, for example by working the ends apart to give them more movement or to vary between a straight straightening and another with volume.

This is surely the best known and most demanded function of the irons, but it would be a mistake not to take advantage of its wonderful possibilities to create different types of waves and curls. More or less wide, to your liking, or alternating. The result is truly spectacular, as soon as you gain a bit of expertise.

The ability is going to give you practice.Do not despair if the first times you spend an eternity in front of the mirror and your waves look like a poorly drawn road than that photo you want to imitate. Keep practicing. There are a lot of tutorials like this one, which explain the process simply and which can help you a lot:

The truth is that getting the most out of your hair straightener is simple. With a little dedication you will have spectacular results, and when you have mastered the technique you will see that with a couple of movements the wave will be perfect. You’ll have your hair done in no time and you’re good to go!

Ceramic, tourmaline, titanium … Small dictionary to understand some terms

Don’t panic, choosing an iron is not complicated at all . As I said at the beginning, the market for hair straighteners has incorporated new technologies and materials in a very few years. Today you have the possibility of acquiring for yourself an iron that a few years ago was only available to the elite . So let’s go there. Take a look at this little dictionary and you will have the keys to choose from.


It is one of the materials most used by manufacturers, it has been used for years. It is a non-metallic material and highly valued for its ability to distribute heat evenly . There are two types:

Ceramic coated aluminum. It is the most affordable type of iron on the market. You have to expect that they wear out with use and friction , and if you have used them a lot, the ceramic layers can disappear until the metal is visible, at which time you will have to change the plate.

100% ceramic. They are more expensive and you have to be careful with them, because a hit could crack the plates and you would have to throw them directly into the trash. You also have to take care of cleaning, since it is a material sensitive to corrosion that could be damaged by exposure to certain products. However if you treat them well they will last you for many years.

Depending on the manufacturer, you may start to see terms like advanced ceramic, ultra ceramic, nano ceramic, etc. It is usually the same material that we are talking about, probably enriched with some type of treatment … that depending on the brand they do not bother much to explain.


They are more resistant than ceramic and withstand the corrosion of hairdressing and cleaning products better . It is a good conductive material and the plates ensure a uniform distribution of heat, which allows to achieve smoothing with fewer passes. They emit negative ions and also glide with less friction than ceramic ones, therefore the frizz is less and the straightening is done faster and less aggressive for your hair.

This material is recommended especially if you have very thick or curly hair , which requires a more effective ironing. This iron, which a few years ago was not available to non-professional users, is today one of the most demanded.


Some houses have opted for this material, a mineral widely used in jewelry, to combine it with ceramics. It protects hair more by preventing damage from excess heat , and has a great potential for generating negative ions to keep static electricity at bay.


Iron your hairWhat are negative ions for? Well, they serve to counteract the positive ions that hair has naturally. Maybe this doesn’t tell you much, but if we add that what they do is reduce or eliminate the annoying static electricity, are you already starting to see it interesting?

The materials mentioned above have, to a greater or lesser extent, the ability to generate these negative ions, but even so, some manufacturers incorporate ionizers to their plates to reinforce the effect, to be able to say goodbye to frizz and to achieve a perfect and shiny straightening. It is especially recommended when we are handling dyed or lacking hair.

Floating or tilting plates

They allow the plates that supply heat to move a little and swing over the iron housing. This way the pressure is distributed over the entire surface of the plate without having to use extra force, and therefore the heat also reaches the hair evenly .

Almost all “good” plates have floating plates, although there are some very cheap ones that skip this feature. If you use the iron often, this is something that yours should have yes or yes.

Infrared heat

You will see that it is named in the specifications of some models. What does it mean? Infrared heat is considered less aggressive on hair , as it is able to penetrate the outermost (and most fragile) layers of the hair to focus its effect inwards. It is a type of heat that helps to take better care of the hair, keep it hydrated and healthy.


It is a further step in the technology applied to hair straighteners, which some brands include. The nanoparticles on the surface of the iron have the ability to purify the hair, by eliminating traces of chemicals and toxins, they also have antiodoriferous and antibacterial effect.

Other useful tips to buy your hair straightener


The range is quite wide, really. From around € 30 to well over 200 . Worth? Like everything. If you are going to buy them to forget about them in a bathroom drawer or to comb your hair at Christmas, no, do not spend a pasture. But if you take advantage of them, a good hair straightener guarantees that every day you will be new hairstyle and will have an impeccable appearance. Because just thinking about it begins to compensate you?


Hair ironAs soon as you start looking, you will find different measures, and it is logical that you have doubts about which iron is the best for you.

The tripIt is shorter than normal and quite narrow. As its name suggests, it is to take it anywhere when you leave home, not only to travel, but if you have to give yourself some touch-ups throughout the day. It is smaller in size to fit anywhere.

Outside of that use, it is best that you discard them. It is too small and will be slow for daily styling. In addition, they tend to be models poor in technology and protect the hair less. For occasional use they are great, but nothing more.

The widest.It is a format with plates of more than three centimeters wide. They are useful to gain speed if you have a very long mane and also if you have a very thick type of hair.

The narrowest.With plates less than two centimeters. You will do well if you have short hair or if you are interested in styling small and very strong curls.

The intermediate.This is the most versatile width, moving between two and three centimeters. If your hair is very long it will take a little longer, but the truth is that with them you can do practically everything you need.


Some irons are fixed temperature and others have different levels that you can choose from. Why does this last type suit you better? Because we don’t all have the same type of hair. If it is thick it will need more temperature to take shape than a thin one, so try from less to more until you find the perfect temperature for yours. There are even models with sensors to vary the temperature depending on the humidity.

We give you an orientation:

  • Between 60 ° and 150 ° for synthetic hair , extensions for example.
  • Maximum 160 ° for fine or colored hair . It is the most prone to breakdown and end with split and dehydrated ends.
  • 180 ° for normal hair , not colored. It is usually an easy hair to style and, with basic care, it remains perfect on all occasions.
  • Over 180 ° for thick , thick , hard-to-master hair . What we commonly call “unruly hair”.
  • Up to 230 ° for keratin treatments.

In general, lower temperatures are recommended if you have damaged hair, and somewhat higher if you have healthy hair . Find out which one is yours, but remember that if you don’t overdo the heat you will be able to maintain the good health of your hair much better.

A common mistake that you should not make is to raise the temperature to comb your hair faster. The rush is not good for anything, and less for this. Remember: the lower the temperature, the more you will be protecting your hair.

What is the best brand of hair straighteners?

Hair straighteningProbably the best known is GHD . They are plates that give an excellent result without being too complicated . That is, if what you like is having a lot of buttons and customizing down to the last detail, it may not be what you are looking for. But if you want something that takes care of your hair and also gives you a touch of brand hype, it is a great option, but you will have to pay for it.

Remington , Corioliss , Braun , Philips , Rowenta , BaByliss … they are all recognized brands, with more affordable prices than GHD (although it depends on the range), good materials and results.

And we can not forget the Chinese billing brands , names that you may not have heard much like Kipozi , Abody or Intey … but that usually offer good results at a low price.

With these tips you already have what you need to go shopping. Of course, a hair straightener is a good acquisition , as soon as you have tried it you will see that you cannot leave the house without giving yourself that last touch in front of the mirror that will make the difference. What are you waiting to buy one?

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