The 10 Best Gas Barbecues of 2020 – Comparison And Guide

Gas barbecues are a practical, simple and fast alternative to traditional charcoal or wood barbecues. They require much less preparation and the results in terms of flavor and cooking quality are practically identical , which is why in recent years they have been displacing classic barbecues in sales.

With a good gas barbecue it is possible to be eating in less than 20 minutes . This is the main difference compared to barbecues with fossil fuels, which require preparing the proper grill and are exposed to multiple setbacks, such as the grill not being enough or being uneven.

Cleaning is also much easier, as they do not leave ashes or traces of firewood or charcoal. Most work with standard butane or propane bottles , and thanks to the fact that they usually incorporate wheels it is also possible to transport them to the place that is most suitable at any time.

The 10 Best Gas Barbecues of 2020 Reviews:

Below you will find more information on the best valued gas barbecues in value for money.

Although the final decision will be determined by your budget and the usual number of diners, models have been included within a wide price range to be able to access all kinds of pockets.

10. Firefriend BQ 6395

The Firefriend BQ-6395 model opens this ranking with a simple but high quality 3-burner barbecue. Although it does not include a cart (sold separately) or a hood, in exchange it offers one of the largest cooking surfaces for a barbecue in its category, at 72 cm wide x 42 cm deep.

This size allows you to prepare barbecues for up to 6 people, and also its burners offer a good range of temperatures to cook several types of food at the same time. Without a doubt, power is another of the Firefriend BQ-6395’s strengths.

The grill is made of enameled iron so you have to be careful when cleaning it with the spatula, but the barbecue transmits a great feeling of robustness. Although it is quite simple to assemble and clean , its 26 kg weight is not exactly light, so if you are going to use it regularly you will probably need the cart to transport it.

It includes an electronic ignition and the front of the iron has a practical area to keep food warm , something that is appreciated by not having a hood or warming tray.

It is a simple, practical barbecue with very few extras, making it ideal for setting up in the garden and preparing family barbecues.
  • Very resistant
  • Large cooking surface
  • Easy assembly
  • It does not have a hood or includes a cart
  • It’s not exactly light

9. Broil Master 6

The Broil Master 6 is one of the largest and most economical barbecues that you will find, ideal for kitchens that from time to time gather large groups of friends.

It has 5 main burners that can be adjusted separately , to better control the cooking of different foods. In this way you can put more fire in the meat and less in the vegetables, for example.

And there is also a side burner that is great for heating pots or pans . If you have, for example, a sauce that is served hot, this is your solution. On the other side you also have a tray to support plates, tongs, forks …

As I told you, the main area can be divided into cooking areas, depending on whether you give more or less power to the fire. They are 67 x 41 centimeters of grill: if you organize the space you can feed up to twelve people.

For that, you will appreciate the slightly smaller heating rack (62.5 × 15.5), which allows you to maintain the temperature of what is already ready while the second batch finishes cooking.

All this is protected with a hood that avoids problems with the wind and further helps to control a simmer cooking . It also includes a thermometer so you don’t have to be opening and closing it all the time.

The hood will go very well if you cook meat , because it helps you avoid that “barbecue” effect that leaves the inside raw and the inside burned. It will not be as useful – although it is not enough – for fish, which tends to smoke more and cook faster.

The Broil Master is robust and quite heavy. Although it has four wheels so you can move it in short distances, the impression is that it is not a very portable barbecue . It is true that it is assembled and disassembled more or less easily … but it is a burden. There are other barbecues on this list that you can put in the car with much more comfort (although perhaps not as big).

It will look much better if you have a place to leave it fixed in your garden or terrace, and you simply use the wheels to move around or reposition yourself depending on the wind. Two of the wheels have brakes, so once in place you leave it fixed for greater safety.

The Broil Master is compatible with butane and propane . The lower part has room to put the cylinders. The ignition is with an electric spark (it goes with a small battery) so you don’t have to use a lighter or matches.

Perhaps the only downside we found is that it is not intended to be used with lava stones , and there are people who say that direct gas changes the taste of food. If this is your case, think about it.

A great temperature control to cook different types of food without anything burning or getting cold. Great for large gatherings.
  • Good power and heat distribution
  • Bell with thermometer
  • Side stove for pots and / or pans
  • Warming rack
  • Does not support lava stones
  • If you cook with a lot of grease, cleaning is complicated

8. Campingaz Expert Plus

It comes prepared for use with lava stones , with a grill that sits just above the burners and where the stones are placed, and a cooking grill located on top of them. In this way, a smoky flavor is achieved that is as similar as possible to wood-burning barbecues.The Campingaz Xpert Plus is a simple but extremely practical 2-burner barbecue with electric ignition, ideal for couples or small families.

It includes two folding side tables that are very practical to support dishes. Its cooking surface is 44.5 x 34.5 cm and has a hood that improves the internal cooking of food and prevents the uncontrolled exit of smoke. As an extra point, it has  a very useful transparent viewer to control the appearance of the food that is being cooked.

The grill is made of enameled stainless steel, and although it does not include a thermometer or heating grill, for occasional use and short barbecues it is more than enough. The Campingaz Expert Plus weighs only 17.5 kg and includes two wheels to transport it, and its initial assembly is not complicated although it requires time.

It is an ideal barbecue for couples or small families who do not want to give up the traditional flavor without spending too much money.
  • Practical and light
  • Powerful despite its size
  • Allows lava stones to smoke food
  • The transparent viewer is really useful
  • It has no warming rack
  • Low amount of lava stones

7. Campingaz Expert 100L Plus Rocky

Campingaz is a classic of articles for outdoor life: barbecues, stoves, lamps, stoves, etc. So your Xpert 100L Plus Rocky model has the added guarantee of the brand , which already tells us a lot about its operation.

Of course, this will be noticeable in the price. It is true that it is a small barbecue – as for 4 people – that except for specific offers exceeds one hundred euros. But if you use it a lot, it will compensate you for the outlay, because it will last.

Its cooking area is 45 × 35 cm. A priori, you see that it does not seem like much, and if you set up meetings with a lot of people it will take a long time to cook everything. But the two burners allow you to organize different levels of preparation , and you also have an enameled warming grill to keep the food just right while you prepare the second course.

Using the different fires to regulate the heat is optional. If you are one of those who enjoy cooking over low heat, you are going to love the option of using lava stones . In this way, you distribute the heat evenly throughout the grill so that all the pieces cook equally.

If you close the hood on top to create an oven effect , the food will be great. Especially thicker or tougher meats, which take longer to cook. And you can have them monitored at all times thanks to the thermometer embedded in the lid.

Its size makes the Xpert 100L Plus Rocky the perfect complement to small gardens or terraces . It has a storage area under the burners -for the cylinder and a bottle of oil, little else-, and two auxiliary trays that fold when not in use.

In addition, it has two wheels so that it can be transported as a “wheelbarrow” and can be stored in the garage or similar.

A compact barbecue that makes the most of the cooking space. Ideal for organizing regular family barbecues.
  • Compatible with lava stones
  • Electric ignition
  • Folding side trays
  • Lightweight (17 kilos) and easy to move
  • Includes few stones
  • It has no grease collector, watch out for flames!

6. Weber Q1200

One of the most reputed barbecue manufacturers in the world makes its first appearance in this ranking with its Q1200 model.

It is  an extraordinarily portable barbecue with excellent finishes , ideal for getaways and weekends as a couple, and which can also be found in different colors.

It has a single burner and two folding side tables . It does not include a cart to transport it (although it is sold separately if you are going to use it at home or prefer to have a surface to raise it), but it incorporates a cast aluminum hood to avoid fumes and improve cooking, and a thermometer to control the temperature.

Despite its small size, it is powerful and consumes little gas. The ignition is electronic, which makes start-up much easier. The cooking surface is not bad at all for a single burner barbecue (43 cm long x 43 cm deep), and the cooking grate is made of enameled cast iron, so it distributes the heat very well although you will need good maintenance.

The Weber Q1200 is a very reliable single burner barbecue, ideal to take with you on weekend outings or prepare an improvised barbecue as a couple.
  • Quality materials
  • Very practical and portable
  • Large cooking surface
  • Does not include cart
  • Requires good maintenance

5. Campingaz 4 Series Classic L

The 4 Series Classic L model by Campingaz is a robust and functional 4 burner electric ignition barbecue that includes two folding side tables to support dishes or prepare barbecue ingredients. It is one of the best options available for its value for money for those looking for a large, economical and resistant barbecue to leave in a fixed place.

It is made practically entirely of steel, and stands out for a generous cooking surface of 78 x 45 cm, more than enough to feed a large family or a small group of people.

The grills are made of enamelled stainless steel and include a hood to keep food warm and improve internal cooking of food. It also has a thermometer to monitor the internal temperature and an additional heating rack that sits on top of the main grill.

In addition, Campingaz has the  horizontal rotisserie option to roast meat evenly on a rotating skewer, so you can easily prepare a delicious chicken a l’ast. The barbecue weighs 45 kg (somewhat heavy but makes up for it by its firmness) and incorporates two wheels to transport it. It does not have a warehouse to store the utensils or the butane bottle, but it does incorporate a lower slot where the sauces or oils to be used can be stored.

It is an ideal option for occasional barbecues with friends or family gatherings. Due to its weight and size, it performs better if you keep it fixed in a place, such as the garden.
  • Very robust and durable
  • Rotisserie option available
  • Large cooking surface
  • Pretty heavy
  • It only has two wheels to transport it

4. Weber Spirit Original E-210

A new Weber model appears on the list and that’s great news, as the American manufacturer specializing in barbecues is always synonymous with quality and durability.

This time it is one of his classics. The Spirit Original E-210 is a light and compact barbecue with 2 high-power burners and a cooking surface of 52 x 45 cm, large enough to cook for a small family and handy enough to transport it wherever it is needed.

It has a practical hood to keep food warm and avoid smoke, two folding side trays, and an electronic ignition system, although not independent: you must first light the burner on the left to be able to light the one on the right.

It includes a heating tray located above the grill, which is made of enamelled cast iron and distributes the heat wonderfully (in addition to being very resistant). It also allows rotisserie function although you have to buy the utensils separately.

Below the grill we have flavoring bars that collect and burn the drips , adding flavor to the food. Non-vaporized drippings slide off the burner tubes and into the grease collection system.

It also has a front hatch to store a 6kg butane bottle (the standard size ones do not fit) and an indicator for the amount of gas remaining, which is really useful. It is a heavy barbecue -around 50 kg- but fortunately it has 4 wheels to transport it once assembled. In this regard, assembly is straightforward, but it consists of quite a few parts and is somewhat laborious.

The Weber E-210, although it may not be as cheap as other models, is a top quality barbecue, with excellent cooking capacity and easy assembly.

The Weber Spirit Original E-210 is perfect for families looking for simplicity and a lot of durability, and is ideal for small terraces and gardens.
  • Power and heat distribution
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Quality of materials
  • Includes fuel gauge
  • Pretty heavy
  • It may fall short if you receive a visit
  • Does not allow lava stones (although you will not need them)

3. Charles Bentley 5

In the top 3 of the ranking we find the Charles Bentley 5, another magnificent choice for the quality of its materials , its  powerful and uniform cooking capacity and its competitive price .

It is a barbecue with 5 burners and a 63 x 41 cm cooking surface, more than enough for groups of up to 8 people. Features 4 individual burners to create multiple areas at different temperatures and maximize usable surface area, plus a fifth side burner that can be used to keep food warm.

Its grills are made of enameled stainless steel, which guarantees resistance and durability. The ignition system is electronic, and it also includes two cabinets with space to store tools, sauces, dishes and even a small bottle of butane or propane gas (the large ones should go outside).

Although it does not allow a motor to be attached for the rotisserie function, it has an upper heating tray, a useful side tray and allows you to cover the barbecue with a stainless steel hood to keep it warm or finish grilling the meat evenly. It also has an additional tray on top of the burners to place lava stones if necessary, although this is probably not necessary and will reduce the life of the barbecue.

The Bentley 5 weighs 34 kilos and allows easy transport thanks to its 4 integrated wheels, and is available in black or metallic.

Due to its quality and resistance, it is an ideal barbecue to use regularly with large groups, and its price makes it affordable for most users.
  • Power and heat distribution
  • Lightweight despite its size
  • Quality of materials
  • Its price
  • It does not have too many extras
  • There is no room for a large bottle in the closet

2.  Charles Bentley 7

The Charles Bentley 7 is the big sister to the Bentley 5 and also features everything you can ask for from a good gas barbecue.


It has 6 individual burners that offer great versatility to create areas with different temperatures, while its generous cooking area (77 x 42 cm) makes it ideal for barbecues with groups of several people .

It incorporates a side grill with the seventh burner , which is used as a tray to keep cooked food warm. The grills are made of enamelled stainless steel and the burners are lit by electronic ignition.

It also has a double laminated hood capable of covering the barbecue and keeping it hot for 30 minutes. It includes a thermometer, the two side trays to prepare food and two lower cabinets to store utensils and food, although they do not have enough space to house a large bottle of butane (yes the small ones of 6 kg).

Although it includes a tray on top of the burners to place lava stones, it really will not be necessary thanks to its power and homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the grill.

Despite its dimensions, the Bentley 7 only weighs 37 kilos and includes 4 wheels to move it comfortably. Without a doubt, one of the most versatile and reliable choices today.

Note: may sometimes be supplied with an English cylinder regulator. In that case, you will need to buy a standard regulator for Spanish propane or butane bottles.

It is an excellent choice if you are going to prepare copious barbecues for large groups, thanks to its excellent quality and competitive price.
  • Power and heat distribution
  • Its versatility
  • Good quality of materials
  • Its adjusted price
  • Does not include too many extras
  • There is no room for a large bottle in the closet

1. Weber Spirit Original E-310

The Weber Spirit Original E-310 is a classic among gas barbecues and the best choice available today.

Basically, it is a barbecue with the same characteristics and functions as the Spirit Original E-210 but with 3 burners instead of 2, so the quality it treasures is very high.

Sober and efficient, we are talking about a barbecue with 3 powerful burners and a 60 x 45 cm cooking surface, ideal for cooking for the family or groups of up to 8 people .

Its porcelain-coated cast iron grill allows it to retain heat for longer and improve food cooking. It has a hood with a built-in thermometer, two fixed side tables (unlike the E-210, where they can be folded down) to prepare or store food, an upper grill made of cast iron to keep food warm and a useful fuel indicator . It also allows rotisserie function although you must purchase the utensils separately.

It includes a non-independent piezoelectric ignition system like its little sister E-210, and it features  5 Flavorizer bars located above the burners, which prevent the flame and carbonize the drips, providing more flavor to the food and improving the distribution of heat.

It is quite heavy (60 kg) although easy to transport, since it includes four wheels (two of them lockable) to move it without difficulties. It also has a front hatch that allows you to store a 6kg gas bottle, since the standard size does not fit. Like most barbecues, it is delivered disassembled although it is not difficult to assemble all the pieces.

The Weber E-310 is not a cheap barbecue, but if you are looking for a durable and resistant barbecue to use regularly with family or friends, this is one of the best options.

The Spirit Original E-310 is one of the best choices for barbecue lovers looking for a quality model and the classic flavor of charcoal to delight medium groups of people.
  • Its excellent power and heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • The quality of the materials
  • Includes fuel gauge
  • Pretty heavy
  • Does not allow lava stones (although you will not need them)

Guide to buying a gas barbecue

With a lot of money it is easy to buy an excellent gas barbecue. But the real challenge is to be able to find one that is also affordable, so in this article, in addition to the list of the best gas barbecues in value for money, we have prepared the following buyer’s guide.

Here you will find the explanation of the most important characteristics to take into account to choose wisely your gas barbecue.

Advantages of gas barbecues

The convenience of gas barbecues has made them the first choice for those who want to cook on the grill easily and quickly, without giving up the traditional barbecue flavor.

This last point has improved a lot in recent years and the taste of charcoal has already been reproduced very reliably. To make it even better, some barbecues include flavoring bars that char the drippings and infuse the food with that unmistakable smoky flavor.

Although generally more expensive, gas barbecues have several advantages over traditional charcoal or wood barbecues:

  • Much faster (you can be eating in minutes)
  • Easier cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Temperature control

The heat is also distributed evenly throughout the entire barbecue, and this guarantees a more regular cooking, without leaving areas more cooked than others or having to constantly monitor the food in case it burns anywhere.

In addition, it avoids the time trial effect of traditional barbecues. The problem with these barbecues is that once the charcoal or firewood is lit, you must use it to cook all the food provided. If towards the end of the barbecue you realize that more food needs to be cooked, it is probably too late.

Features to keep in mind

The size of the barbecue

To choose which size of barbecue is ideal for you, you should first think about what you are going to cook regularly and for how many people, because that is what will determine the necessary space.

If you’re using it to cook a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers for large groups of people, you probably need a bigger barbecue.

In this case you should get a barbecue with 3 or more burners and a cooking area greater than 2,500 cm 2 (70 x 35 cm) like the Weber Spirit Original E-310 or the   Charles Bentley 5 , ensuring enough space to cook for everyone the guests without having to wait.

In the case of large groups, it will also be useful if the barbecue has a warming tray on the sides or on the top, to keep the ready-made food warm.

If you are looking for a barbecue to use regularly for a family of 4 members, two burners and a cooking area of ​​about 1,800cm 2 (60 x 30 cm) enough.

If you plan to use your barbecue to cook food that can drain between the sheets of the grill, it will also be a good option to have a griddle. There are even models that have side burners for vegetables or sauces.

The material of the barbecue

The material with which the barbecue is built is also important, because in addition to being what will determine the durability, it will also affect the distribution of heat and, therefore, the quality of the food.

Grill material

Ideally made of stainless steel, because they distribute heat better and prevent mold. Those made of iron work well and retain heat better, but over time they can build up mold or corrode and are less durable.

The vast majority of grills are enameled or porcelain-coated to improve heat retention and facilitate cleaning. In this case you must be careful because they are also more fragile. Above all, be careful when cleaning them if they are hot, since then you could damage the material.

Outer material

You can find stainless steel barbecues, although high-quality ones are usually quite expensive.

Porcelain-coated ones are usually cheaper, and although they avoid stains or scratches very well, if the coating breaks, they can corrode.

Cooking power

Heating power is often measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), but this measurement is not really related to cooking speed or quality.

BTUs do not actually indicate the amount of useful heat a barbecue can generate, but the amount of fuel it consumes. For this reason, it is much more useful to calculate the heat flux, which is the BTUs divided by the cooking area (although manufacturers do not usually report this data).

To give you an idea, the most common heat flow for a gas barbecue is usually 35 BTUs per cm 2 . But due to the number of variables that affect it, it is not really important to look at this characteristic.

Heat diffusion system

It is more important to pay attention to which system of protection and diffusion of heat places the barbecue above the burners. Usually it is a type of metal plates that may or may not be perforated, which protect the burners from dripping and help to better distribute the heat flow.

In addition, by charring the remains of food that fall on them, these plates serve to provide a greater charcoal flavor to the food. Ideally, these plates cover as much area as possible, leaving no gaps.

Here is a video that explains how these plates usually work to improve the taste of food:

Number of burners

Most gas barbecues have several burners that allow cooking at different temperatures at the same time, which is ideal if we are going to make a barbecue that combines thicker meats with finer ones, or if we include vegetables.

If you want maximum versatility, our recommendation is to purchase a model with a minimum of three burners . In this way it will be possible to use two for the barbecue while leaving one off.

Once the meat has a point of color, you can move it to the burner that is not active and close the lid. Thus the heat itself present inside the barbecue will continue to cook the meat without burning it.

The type of burners

The burners can be flame or infrared . The latter offer a more direct and constant cooking intensity, reaching high temperatures. They are considerably more expensive and are generally not necessary to achieve excellent results.

The type of ignition

An electronic or piezoelectric lighter , unlike rotary or pulse lighters, is ideal to be able to start the barbecue with a single click without risk of incidents, so this is our recommendation.

BBQ extras

Barbecue bell

Some gas barbecues include a hood as a cover to cover food while grilling. In this way, in addition to preventing the smoke from bothering us or making it dirty, it also allows the heat to be distributed more evenly. This way we will avoid that the meat is raw on the inside and toasted on the outside.


If you plan to use the barbecue on a regular basis, it will probably be very useful to have wheels on all four legs instead of two so that you can move it more comfortably.

Most four-wheel barbecues have a system that keeps two of them braked, to prevent the barbecue from moving when cooking.

Other extras

One option that may be interesting is to have lights under the hood or on the controls , especially if you intend to barbecue after dark.

It is also preferable that the barbecue has a remaining gas indicator by default . Otherwise you should not worry either, since they can be purchased separately. But there’s nothing worse than running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue with guests!

Another quite useful option is to have a digital thermometer on the grill . Most barbecues include a needle thermometer by default; the problem is that they usually place it on the lid, and there the temperature is different from the grill.

For this reason, if you want to control the cooking temperature as much as possible, we recommend that you get one of the special digital thermometers for barbecues that you will find in this selection .

Finally, a very useful extra that some barbecues incorporate is an additional heating grill that sits on top of the main grill. In this way you can leave the food that you want to keep warm there and thus also prevent it from burning.

Most gas barbecues can be complemented with other additional options, such as rib tongs, baskets, griddles or rear infrared burners (useful for roasting chickens, for example), although in reality most are not necessary to cook a barbecue more than decent.

Frequent questions

Is it necessary to use lava stones?

Putting volcanic stones in a tray on top of the burners became quite fashionable a few years ago. They are natural volcanic stones that retain heat well, and in certain less powerful barbecues they are useful to increase the cooking temperature. They also allow the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the grill and to collect the fat that falls from the food.

Although nowadays they are not usually necessary in most quality barbecues because they have enough power and distribute the heat well, if you want to use them you should check that your barbecue already includes or allows you to place a tray between the burners and the grill, because that’s where where you will place the lava stones.

The procedure is the next:

  • Once the tray is covered with plenty of stones, turn on the barbecue and let the stones heat for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes you can start cooking the food on the grill because the stones will be ready.

Every 2 or 3 uses, turn the stones so that they heat up from the opposite side and thus maximize their useful life. The stones can be reused several times, although it is recommended that they be changed at least once a year.

Natural gas or butane / propane?

The vast majority of barbecues use butane or propane, although some allow you to connect to the natural gas in your home.

In this way your barbecue will never run out of fuel and you can forget about refueling the propane bottles, but it will also be less transportable and you will probably need a professional to perform the installation.

Final considerations

Gas barbecues are eating ground by leaps and bounds over charcoal or wood-burning barbecues for their ease of use and speed to start up. Although they are not the ideal option for slow cooking certain types of meat, today they are capable of providing a flavor very similar to that of charcoal.

In the case of fast cooking and high temperature foods, such as steaks, hamburgers, ribs, fish or vegetables, it will be practically impossible to differentiate the flavor achieved with a gas barbecue versus a charcoal barbecue.

It is true that they tend to be more expensive, but it is also true that a good quality gas barbecue can last you for many years.

For all these reasons, our recommendation is that you do not skimp on the price and get a reliable and durable gas barbecue. You will see how you end up using it much more than a charcoal barbecue for its practicality and excellent results.

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