The Best Dehumidifiers of 2021 – Comparison and Recommendations

Home should be the warm and comfortable place par excellence. In addition, it is also a safe place for the health of all the people and pets that inhabit it.

But do you know what can ruin all this?


It sneaks through any crack, enters through windows, is on the floor, also on the surface of objects, and it even seems that it is capable of penetrating walls.

Moisture is in the environment and that is why it moves freely: it is contained in the air we breathe . We can’t just close the door and leave it behind. Come in and end up living with us.

A particular climate, coastal areas, bad insulation, kitchens and bathrooms with condensation, exposure to oblique rain, leaks … are just some of the possible causes.

When this happens in a home or workplace, it creates inconveniences  that go beyond simple discomfort .A dehumidifier is a useful and effective solution that quickly reduces many of the negative consequences that humidity causes. We explain how.

The 10 Best Dehumidifiers of 2021 Reviews:

It should be noted that there are two types of dehumidifier :

  • The ones that only dehumidify
  • Those that in addition to dehumidifying perform other functions

The latter are called multifunction and usually incorporate the cleaning of the air they expel and / or the drying of laundry.

The next thing you should take into account is the width of the space you want to dehumidify and the degree of humidity in it. This will determine the extraction capacity you need.

To make this ranking we have also taken into account  other parameters such as noise, mobility, size or energy consumption, since depending on your circumstances they can be decisive.

1. Orbegozo DH 1620

The best dehumidifier for large spaces and high humidity.

It stands out for removing 16 to 20 liters of water per day (there are two versions to choose from), allowing it to cover areas of up to 120 m² .If you need to remove moisture from a large and very humid space such as a duplex, a house or a commercial space, this Obergozo DH 1620 is one of the best choices today.

Another strong point is its hygrostat, which allows you to regulate the desired humidity levelAnd we also liked:

  • Its large removable 3.5 liter tank.
  • That it has a connection for continuous drainage with hose. If this function is not used, it emits a light to indicate that the tank is full and it is time to change it.
  • The washable air filter .
  • The antifreeze function to prevent the appearance of ice in low temperatures: thus you can work in cold places without having to turn on the heating.

Although it may seem heavy (13.9 kg), it has wheels so you can move it, so if you can’t lift weight, this dehumidifier is quite convenient.

The 40 dB it emits should not be a nuisance for the vast majority of users in everyday situations. Of course, those who are a light sleeper may want to turn it off during the night hours.

Although it offers two designs to choose from (white with a black translucent tank or aquamarine), its design may not be as elegant and attractive as other dehumidifiers. However, it makes up for it with its efficiency and ease of use.

  • Far-reaching
  • Integrated hygrostat
  • Antifreeze function
  • Automatic restart
  • It weighs 13.9 kg, although the wheels that facilitate its movement
  • Its noise can be annoying if you are a light sleeper

2. De’Longhi DEX216F

The best dehumidifier for people with allergy problems.

The first holds the dust De’Longui is one of the benchmark brands in dehumidifiers, and this DEX216F is no exception. It is practical and offers above-average performance, and is especially suitable for people with allergy problems or those who are sensitive to dust (it is certified as Asthma & Allergy Friendly ) thanks to its two removable and washable filters:

  • The second filters allergens or particles that cause allergies or discomfort in the nose

It has the capacity to process 16 liters of water per day, ideal for small floors or large rooms since it covers an area of ​​28 to 32 m 2 . In addition, it has continuous emptying to avoid having to remove its transparent 2.1-liter tank at all times.

However, it does not have wheels and it is somewhat heavy (9.5 kg), which can be uncomfortable if you are going to be moving it continuously.

It is a silent device (37 dB) , which makes it especially suitable for use at night, and it has an option to dry the clothes that you hang near it. It also has an automatic restart , a feature that we really liked because it automates its use.

Aesthetically it is quite discreet , although large, and in a nice navy blue color.

  • Improved air quality
  • Clothes drying
  • Antifreeze function
  • Reset function
  • Eco-friendly
  • It weighs 9.5 kg and has no wheels
  • The price is above the average, although its benefits also

3. Comfee MDDF-20DEN3

A hassle-free fixed dehumidifier, ideal for large areas.

This Comfee model can process up to 20 liters per day, covering an area of ​​35 to 40 m 2 , and we especially liked it for its simplicity of use, as it has been designed to operate as independently as possible.

Once our preferences have been adjusted, it is no longer necessary to continue paying attention to the device:

  • It incorporates a hygrometer to keep humidity levels always constant without having to regulate it. In addition, it restarts or shuts down automatically as the values ​​change.
  • Its 24-hour timer allows us to program the device in advance. This is especially useful when we want that when we arrive it has already started a while before, or to leave it working in a storage room or place that we do not go daily.

There is also no need to worry about freezing temperatures, as it has an antifreeze system that protects it from the cold and prevents it from spoiling or becoming unusable. Thus, you can work even in places without heating.

As for the removable 3-liter tank, it integrates an indicator with a warning light signal , since it is opaque. When full, the dehumidifier switches itself off, although there is also a connection for the continuous drain hose.

Unfortunately, it is a fairly heavy dehumidifier (14 kg) and, even if it has wheels, if you live in a duplex apartment or are going to lower it to the basement it will probably be uncomfortable to walk up or down stairs with it.

It is also not a very quiet option, as it can generate up to 50 dB when working. If you need a dehumidifier that works at night in places where people sleep, we recommend considering other models.

  • Hygrometer
  • Timer
  • Continuous mode with automatic shutdown
  • Frost protection
  • Water washable dust filter
  • Drain hose not included
  • The noise level (50 dB) is high, although within acceptable

4. De’Longhi AriaDry DNS65

The best desiccant dehumidifier for the children’s room.

The Aria Dry DNS65 is one of the most complete dehumidifiers on the market due to its characteristics:This is a fairly light dehumidifier from De’Longhi. Weighing only 6.5 kg, 19 cm wide and with built-in handles, this device can be easily moved between different wet areas in the home. (Of course, some small wheels are missed to make this task even easier.)

  • It has an ionizer that purifies the air
  • It has 5 dehumidification modes: eco, turbo, auto, max and min
  • Big power (520W)
  • Can dry clothes
  • Absorbs up to 16 liters of water per day (enough for 2-3 bedroom floors)

All functions are controlled from a digital panel located in the upper horizontal part.

It is a desiccant dehumidifier that does not incorporate a compressor or refrigerant. It is a very quiet model and hardly generates noise when operating (34 dB), so it is a good option to place near the children’s room and not disturb their sleep.

Its emptying tank has a capacity of almost 3 liters. However, removing it is not easy due to the design of its rails, which function in a similar way to a closet drawer.

Finally, it comes in two versions: one that eliminates 16 liters a day and the other of 20 liters . In both the tanks include an indicator , although you can also drain the water directly into the sump and forget about having to manually empty the tank.

  • Silent
  • Clothes drying
  • Air ionizer
  • With handle and digital display
  • Auto power off
  • It has no wheels, but it weighs little
  • The tank is not easy to remove

5. Sancusto

The best energy efficient dehumidifier for small homes.

If you live in a small house or apartment and you are concerned about the energy cost that a dehumidifier may reflect on your electricity bill, the Sancusto is an option to consider. It is true that its power is not as high as other similar machines (220 W) for the area it can cover (35 m 2 ), but it is still efficient.

It can absorb up to 12 liters of water per day and, although its tank only stores 1.5 liters , it has a 1 m hose to connect that can be inserted into a drain so that its emptying is continuous.

In addition, we have verified that if it is not connected to a drain, the automatic shutdown takes care of preventing any leakage or overflow.

It guarantees A +++ energy efficiency with a hygrostat that allows setting the desired humidity level between 40 and 80%, which helps us to save on electricity.

The LED display also shows the relative humidity with a color code:

  • Blue for less than 60%.
  • Green between 60 and 80%.
  • Red if it is greater than 80%.

In addition, we can program it to dry clothes and, beyond its dehumidifying function, it also cleans the air with its active carbon filter .

Changing it is easy thanks to the handle and the wheels, and at the design level it has seemed current and robust.

  • Maximum energy efficiency A +++
  • Auto power off
  • Hygrometer
  • Clothes drying
  • Active carbon filter
  • Without antifreeze function, -0 ° cannot be used
  • The noise level is acceptable, but not one of the lowest (45 dB)

6. Inventor EVA II Pro Ion

The ideal dehumidifier to remove bad odors from the environment.

The Inventor EVA II Pro Ion has the ability to purify the air and eliminate odors thanks to its integrated ionizer system. Therefore, it will be useful in a room where humidity has left an unpleasant smell on the walls.

It is a robust and solvent dehumidifier . It is possible that its external appearance is not the most minimalist or current, but it is very complete:

  • It incorporates a laundry drying mode and three levels of ventilation (37-40 and 45 dB respectively).
  • It has a timer that facilitates programming up to 24 hours in advance and an automatic restart and shutdown function.

It is a device designed to be used in areas 30 to 45 m 2 , such as a flat with 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. It collects up to 20 liters of water per day through its 3-liter tank with a protection system that prevents puddles, and can also drain directly into the drain.

The hygrometer on the control panel indicates the existing humidity and allows us to select the desired level in a range between 35 and 85% (it is possible to configure it to always keep it between 45-55%, which is ideal).

Although it weighs 14 kilos, it is effortless to transport thanks to its omni-directional wheels. Nor is there to worry about energy expenditure, since its consumption is moderate.

  • Ionizer
  • Clothes drying
  • Timer
  • Hygrometer
  • Automatic restart and shutdown
  • Moderate consumption
  • Design somewhat outdated
  • 14 kg lifted weight (has wheels)
  • Without antifreeze function, -0 ° cannot be used

7. Pro Breeze

Portable or fixed dehumidifier for medium rooms.

In addition, it allows you to adjust the desired humidity level between 30 and 80%. Once the selected percentage is reached, the appliance turns off to save energy. The dehumidification capacity of the Pro Breeze is 12 liters per day, making it suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Because it incorporates a timer , it is possible to program its use and configure the mode between low, normal or high power and drying the clothes.

The water collection is done through its 1.8 liter tank or the drain hose. When the tank is full, the sensor is the one in charge of turning off the equipment, so there is no need to be careful if this emptying mode is used.

The wheels allow the device to be moved without having to lift it , but they can also be removed when it is desired to place it in a permanent place. It’s up to you.

Two details that stand out because they are not found very often in other models are:

1.- The child safety lock: for greater peace of mind if the little ones play around.

2.- The rest button : to switch off the operation during the night and sleep without noise (it does not reach 45 dB but it can be a bit disturbing).

Keep in mind that the manufacturer advises that it has an operating range that goes from 5 ° to 32 °, therefore, you will not be able to use it in extremely cold or hot climates.

The aesthetics are not particularly striking , but the design contains a very intuitive control screen and a rear cable reel to help keep order and avoid tripping.

  • Hygrometer
  • Timer
  • Removable wheels
  • Child safety lock
  • Night rest button
  • Cable pickup
  • Operating range 5-32 °
  • It does not clean the air, it only dehumidifies
  • Not too energy efficient

8. Klarstein DryFy10

Maintains constant humidity in bedrooms and small offices.

These technical characteristics make it very suitable for rooms between 15 and 20 m² . It should be noted that the same model is also available in 16, 20 and 30 liter capacity, for larger and more open rooms or spaces. A strong model on the outside and powerful on the inside , with 240 W and an air circulation of 100 m³, which extracts up to 10 liters of water per day from the air and allows clothes to be dried at the same time.

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that does not require constantly emptying its 1.8-liter tank (although it has an automatic stop system), it has a continuous drainage system to discharge the collected water.

What we miss is a longer hose for draining, since it comes with a 60 cm one that will probably force you to locate the device near a window or drain.

It has caught our attention that it incorporates different programming settings:

  • You can adjust the humidity level you want.
  • Humidity can be increased in steps of 5% until reaching a certain level.
  • Its internal memory maintains the settings even in the event of power outages.

There will be people who find the 40 dB of noise it generates somewhat annoying, although it is not due to the compressor but to the vibrations of its plastic casing. If you plan to turn it on at night and are a light sleeper, you may want to consider a quieter machine.

It does not have wheels, but it does have a practical handle and external cord wrap , which make it more manageable.

We think the honeycomb case is quite stylish. There is the option to choose between anthracite or white depending on your tastes.

  • Hygrometer
  • Timer
  • Nylon filter
  • Handle and cord wrap
  • Stylish two-color design
  • Without antifreeze function, -0 ° cannot be used
  • Due to its high power, consumption can rise in turbo mode

9. Pro Breeze 500 ml

A compact dehumidifier to move between rooms.

If you are concerned about the electricity bill and are looking for a dehumidifier with low energy consumption, the Pro Breeze   may be what you need: it consumes just 0.23 kW / hour throughout a whole day of use and its price is almost four times less than the market average.

However, this efficiency makes it one of the less powerful options, since its dehumidification capacity is 0.25 l / day.

What does this mean? Which is suitable if you live in a small apartment (studio type for example), or if you have a humidity problem in a specific room, such as the bathroom. If you want to remove moisture from a medium / large size floor, we recommend considering a more powerful option.

The beauty of this Pro Breeze dehumidifier is that it is very small (15.6 x 13 x 22 cm) and weighs 1 kg when empty. Therefore, it will not cost you anything to take it from one room to another.

Of course, the size of the tank is appropriate: 500 ml, so you will have to empty it often. Just in case, it automatically shuts off when it’s full and alerts you with an LED light. To empty it, you can remove the tank or use the water outlet that it has incorporated.

The Pro Breeze uses Peltier technology , meaning it has no compressor and is therefore quieter than other more powerful dehumidifiers. It is not that its 40 dB is absolute silence, but it is not particularly annoying.

It is also recommended for people with respiratory problems or allergies, since lowering the humidity reduces mites and the possibility of toxic mold appearing.

In short, it is a model:

  • Small and inexpensive, very useful for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Easily transportable .
  • With a limited (but effective) dehumidifying power of 250 ml per day.
  • With low consumption and little noise.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Low consumption
  • Low price
  • Low noise level
  • Auto power off function
  • Limited extraction capacity, yet ideal for use in a single room
  • No drain

10. Aiodo

Inexpensive, portable, and ideal for small rooms.

It can absorb up to 300 milliliters of water a day, with 30 ° and 80% relative humidity. The manufacturer is optimistic and claims that it covers rooms up to 30 m², but if you use it in rooms of 15-20 m² it will be much better. At an affordable cost for all wallets, Aoido offers a portable, lightweight and efficient alternative for confined and confined spaces .

With a consumption of only 23W, you will not even notice it on the electricity bill. And it will not bother you while it works, since it is the quietest that you will find in the market (32 decibels)

Perhaps its least strong point is that it does not have a drainage system, therefore, you have to be aware of emptying the tank . And it is a small tank: 900 ml, something logical considering that the idea is that you move it comfortably.

Of course, you can leave it running and forget about it because it turns off only when the tank is full and it also alerts you with a red light.

We really like the tubular design of this dehumidifier , which is somewhat reminiscent of the typical virtual assistant model such as Alexa (although the Aiodo is larger) and which does not clash in any corner.

In short, Aiodo is perfect if the humidity problem is concentrated in a single room. However, being so light (just over 1 kg) it can be moved between rooms or even taken to a second residence. Very convenient also to reduce the humidity of storage rooms, bathrooms or closets.

  • Very affordable price
  • Low consumption
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Portable and lightweight, only 1.1 kg
  • Not useful in wide or open spaces
  • No drain

Recommended Models

For those occasions when it is important to focus on a specific feature, we have selected the three most convenient models based on their price, size, mobility and value for money.

These are the most convenient dehumidifiers in each category.

Best Desiccant Dehumidifier: De’Longhi AriaDry DNS65

Its operation is based on Zeolite technology that does not incorporate a compressor. This makes it a silent device, capable of operating at night without causing a sleep disturbance. Among the different models analyzed, the De’Longhi Aria Dry DNS65 is the best option among desiccant dehumidifiers thanks to its ability to collect water in medium-sized rooms such as living rooms, warehouses and garages, among others.

It will also be especially useful if you live in a relatively cold area, as it works well at low temperatures and generates heat. For example, during the winter it helps to raise the ambient temperature and create a more pleasant climate, and this heat can also be used to dry clothes quickly.

You can program it to adjust the humidity to a certain level or let it automatically control it at 55% relative humidity. It works in a similar way to a thermostat: it turns on when the humidity exceeds the set level.

The best cheap dehumidifier: Pro Breeze 500 ml

If you don’t have a big budget but need a device to remove humidity from a specific space, this dehumidifier from Pro Breeze may be what you are looking for.

It has the adequate power to dehumidify a medium-sized bathroom or bedroom. In addition, by only weighing 1 kg you can move it to any part of your house without difficulty, or take it to the caravan, the garage … In this sense it is a fairly practical and versatile dehumidifier.

It is true that its extraction capacity is not too high, but in return it consumes very little: 23W, like a low-consumption light bulb. The tank is also small but we forgive it all for the mobility it gives us… and the price, which is unbeatable.

It also doesn’t generate much noise when working . It is a fairly quiet model when compared to other not much larger machines.

In short: it is a versatile, practical and ideal dehumidifier for those who do not want more than to remove humidity from confined spaces.

The best quality-price dehumidifier: Orbegozo DH 1620

It is capable of extracting 16 liters of water a day while consuming acceptable energy even at its maximum limits —320 W, something that other dehumidifiers hardly achieve, which, on the contrary, extract less moisture and use more energy. Not always the best model is also the most expensive. Orbegozo presents us with a very good option for what we consider as the dehumidifier in value for money on the list.

It is also portable , has a hygrostat to control the exact level of humidity and offers a lot of versatility for emptying water:

  • Can be performed continuously using a drain hose
  • Drawing your large 3.5 liter tank when full

The air filter is also removable and washable, and generally performs very well . If the humidity problem is persistent and you require an effective dehumidifier , this is an excellent investment.

Guide to buying the best dehumidifier

girl with dehumidifierHumidity is not just a matter of basements. For a variety of reasons, many people have to share various parts of the house with them, or even the bedroom. When this happens, it is impossible not to end up getting fed up with that familiar sticky feeling and musty smell.

From 65% relative humidity the human organism is negatively affected and the risk of mold growth increases.

Of course, they are not healthy conditions for your family or for you.

The solution to get rid of this danger is to buy a dehumidifier . But we know that the number of brands, models and versions that are on the market can generate some doubts when it comes time to choose the most appropriate model.

In this guide we give you the keys to answer for yourself many of the questions that may arise.

Who should use a dehumidifier?

 Anyone who wants to correct or avoid airway conditions , such as asthma or chronic rhinitis. The microbial load of the air that is breathed in in humid environments can worsen the symptoms of these conditions or even cause them to appear for the first time.

It is especially recommended for pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems , whether or not they have previous respiratory problems.

→ Those who by medical prescription need to prevent the appearance of molds and fungi , since these represent a real danger and are capable of causing serious problems. A contaminated space can cause, in addition to respiratory diseases, allergies, discomfort in the heart rhythm …

Mold contains micro components that are harmful to health , such as spores, which travel through the living space and spread uncontrollably through the air.

In addition, the smell is more than unpleasant and the stains adhering to the wall suggest poor hygiene or poor or non-existent cleaning habits.

→ Moms and dads concerned about the health of their little ones . Children are very sensitive to changes in the atmosphere that occur and can become ill in the blink of an eye if the conditions of the space in which they sleep and play are not optimal.

Even when we adults do not perceive humidity, it affects them. Mites, bacteria and fungi grow thanks to it, float in the air and are breathed in by babies and children . Some of the symptoms may be: watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, itching, wheezing in the chest, trouble breathing, headache and, in some critical cases , even asthma attacks.

→ People of elderly at risk of developing lung infections. As with children’s health, the health of the elderly is also especially delicate .

To protect them from bronchitis, pneumonia, pain and bone sensitivities, it is advisable to provide an adequate temperature and a sufficiently dry environment.

→ Anyone who wants to take care, in addition to the sanitary conditions of their home, the house itself and the furniture. In places with high humidity, furniture is quickly affected.

Various materials such as upholstery, cork, foam, metals or wood (lifts the plywood and deforms the parquet) suffer significant deterioration when exposed to excessively humid environments.

→ The owners of buildings in which a construction or reform has been carried out. Materials such as cement, plaster, or paint are fresh and need to reach the proper level of dryness in order to set properly.

The 3 most important benefits of dehumidifiers

  1. They reduce high levels of humidity which, as we have seen, are linked to many respiratory problems. This fact is medically proven.
    Excessive humidity creates a perfect breeding ground for dust mites that live in furniture, carpets, and bedding. These dead mites and their droppings are a symptom trigger for those suffering from respiratory conditions. Reducing humidity with a dehumidifier helps kill mites and prevent them from becoming airborne triggers, improving the quality of the air you breathe.
  1. They prevent mold from growing . Poor ventilation, leaks, and high humidity are to blame for this common problem in many homes.
    Black mold, which is the most toxic, can find the conditions to grow from 50% humidity. At higher magnification, fungi proliferate uncontrollably and can pose a high risk to the health of humans and pets.
  1. Eliminate condensation . This usually appears on the inside of the windows in the morning when you wake up. It is an unequivocal sign that the room has humidity problems.
    The water vapor that the air contains turns to a liquid state in contact with a cold surface, in this case, glass (but it can also be tiles or other materials). This is how you create a film of water that affects all adjacent areas in a very negative way: stains on the walls, discoloration, chips, swollen wood, peeled aluminum, rust …

What to look for when buying a dehumidifier?

The relationship between extraction capacity, relative humidity and ambient temperature

living room dehumidifierA common mistake is to think that the absorption capacity is equal to the capacity of the tank. However, it has nothing to do with this, but with the relative humidity and temperature of the room.

In short, relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air . The higher the relative humidity, the more effort the device has to lower the levels, the more power and ventilation it needs to achieve it.

On the other hand, the temperature also influences, and a lot. Hot air admits more water vapor . Therefore, for the same amount of water vapor, the relative humidity is higher (and more difficult to eliminate) in cold environments than in warm ones.

High humidity is also very annoying in summer. This happens because the evaporation of sweat is the main means of dissipating body heat and the high humidity makes this function difficult, which is why a thermal sensation of higher temperature is experienced.

Dehumidifier manufacturers usually measure dehumidification capacity with parameters of 80% relative humidity and 30 ° temperature . But, for example, if a specific model can absorb 10 liters of air under these conditions, it must be taken into account that its effectiveness will decrease if the relative humidity is higher or the temperature lower than those indicated.

The place where you need it

We have already seen that moisture can appear in countless places where it is not welcome. But is a baby’s room the same as a laundry room, a wine cellar or a shoe cabinet?

Each place has its peculiarities: a children’s room is usually small, but larger than the laundry room. However, in the first one we are going to require a very silent device , while in the second that aspect can give us completely the same.

When the problem spreads throughout the house there is nothing to do with a small appliance. You need a powerful team that can be easily moved between the different rooms .

If, for example, it is a greenhouse or a food warehouse, the use of the hygrometer will be essential.

In the same way, we have to observe the geological and climatological conditions carefully. It’s very cold on winter? Then it becomes essential that the dehumidifier has an antifreeze system . Does it rain often or are you near the coast? You are definitely going to need more power.

Design and size

dehumidifier sizeIt may seem like a banal aspect, but it is not. Our home is our refuge, our favorite place in the world. We take care of its furniture and decoration with care and detail to feel comfortable and, sincerely, we also value the design of the appliances that we buy .

Even more so when its scope of action is not limited only to the kitchen and, in addition, we are talking about a machine that is usually of considerable size.

The dehumidifier goes into the living room, the entrance hall and even goes into the bedrooms. Therefore, a current and pleasant aesthetic will combine with the rest of the environment (or, at least, will go unnoticed).

Clothes drying

Sometimes clothes seem to take centuries to dry, and when they do, they are impregnated with a musty smell . It usually occurs in winter, when the air is cold and does not admit more water vapor (which the clothes should give off in order to dry).

If this situation is too familiar to you, then you should choose a multi-function dehumidifier model with clothes drying .

The instructions are simple: lay the garments in a ventilated, small and well-closed place . Place the appliance just below and select the mode for laundry drying. If you don’t have a small space, you can use plastic on top of the clothesline to increase effectiveness. Check that the air inlet and outlet are clear.

This function is configured to use the fan in fast mode and keep the humidity around 20% . The clothes will dry much faster and without odors.

Air purification

Many models include this property, but what is it for? To, in addition to dehumidify, clean the air of particles and thus avoid the conditions that we have previously mentioned.

They are also very useful in places with the presence of pets , since they shed hair and dander that we end up breathing.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) is a high efficiency air filter, although it is not the only one that can ensure high quality. Today, many innovative materials are used in the manufacture of air filters , such as activated carbon.

When your appliance is equipped with removable filters, it is important to sanitize them on a regular basis . Some of them can be washed under the tap, others can be brushed, vacuumed or even dipped in some kind of disinfectant product.

Maintenance cost

dehumidifier + catA dehumidifier does not involve any installation, however, there is a maintenance cost.

To start with, electricity consumption. We recommend that you choose a refrigerant dehumidifier (with condenser) because they use less and are also cheaper than the desiccant type.

In any case, if you are concerned about consumption, it is best to invest a little more in a model that allows automatic on and off . You will save much more energy than with only manual models.

If the filters are not washable, it is advisable to find out what the price of the spare parts is and how many hours of operation they must be replaced with new ones.

The investment involved in purchasing a good dehumidifier will be quickly amortized by multiple factors such as:

  • Savings in heating : since it is much more expensive to heat humid air than dry air, this can be lowered by two or three degrees when the relative humidity is reduced to normal parameters (45-65%).
  • Savings on home repairs : due to material damage caused by humidity. Windows, walls, ceilings, floors, finishes and joints.
  • Savings on furniture, appliances, appliances, shoes and new clothes : when you have to get rid of those that the humidity has spoiled.

To give you an idea, we have made an estimate on two of the models analyzed in this guide:

The De’Longhi Area Dry DNS65 16-liter model consumes 520 w / hour, this means that at the price per kW / hour (about € 0.12), if we use it for 4 hours a day we will obtain an expense of approximately € 91 /year.

When we go to the model that consumes the least, the Victsing with 60w / hour, with the same time of use we obtain an annual expense of only € 11.

In other words, depending on its power, a dehumidifier can increase the electricity bill between € 0.90 and € 7.5 per month. Considering the benefits it brings us, we believe that this may be a worthwhile expense.

How to use a dehumidifier and get the most out of it

  • Has the mold already appeared? Clean it before you start using the dehumidifier. Use a mixture of water (3/5 parts), detergent (1/5 part), baking soda (1/5 part) and a splash of bleach. Also wash clothes that give off a bad smell.
    With continued use, you will be able to verify that the mold does not come out again and that the walls, furniture and clothes remain clean and deodorized .
  • Never place the appliance next to a heat source (radiator, stove, oven, fireplace …).
    Make sure it doesn’t get wet either. Temperature and water are factors that affect the hygrostat that some dehumidifiers have incorporated. This meter will not function properly if actual ambient conditions are affected.
  • If you are going to use the drainage system, always remember to place the appliance on a higher surface to allow the water to drain through the hose in a fluid way.
  • These devices are designed to be used continuously for many hours, but if you think you can forget to turn it off when you no longer need it, it is better that you choose a programmable model with a timer . In this way you will take care of the compressor motor and extend its useful life.
  • Always consult the instructions for use and keep the filters clean to ensure optimal performance of your dehumidifier.
  • To help the dehumidifier, I carry out small daily actions such as: keeping the house sufficiently ventilated, setting the heating to a maximum of 23 °, closing doors and windows before using it, not drying wet clothes on radiators and covering pots and pans when cooking.
  • A dehumidifier will dry out the environment and, depending on the model, will improve air quality; but you must bear in mind that it will not attack the root problem.

Make the necessary reforms to eliminate leaks, leaks or soaks . It is a worthwhile investment. After the job, continue to use the dehumidifier to reinforce moisture prevention .

We trust that this information has cleared up many doubts and now you are one step closer to feeling truly comfortable at home.

It is clear: it is a versatile and functional appliance that surprises with its good results.

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