10 Best Bow Case of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Where can you find the best bow cases for your bow, arrows and accessories that will offer protection and not cause you grief? There are so many suppliers of bow cases that it may be a bit overwhelming just choosing the right one. You may look to bow case reviews for your answers, or risk not consulting reputable reviews and purchasing a bow case that leaves you angry and disappointed.

Top 5 Best Bow Case: Editor’s Pick

10 Best Bow Case Reviews:

1. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case 

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case
  • Plano Molding | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Lockable and airline approved bowcase
  • Patented PillarLock system for protection | High density foam

Your search for a durable bow case that is also affordable ends with the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case. This is another quality product from Plano, a trusted source for all things to do with hunting. The Plano Protector is a good fit for most of the parallel limb bows on the market. Plano’s patented Pillar Lock System is one of the notable features of this bow case which protects your valuable hunting equipment.

One of its handy features is that you can store arrows in the lid. Another great thing about this selection from the best archery bow cases is that it is perfectly safe to bring for airline travel. Although this case is lightweight, it is adequately padded to protect your bow without shortchanging on quality. The velcro straps provided also keep the bow secure. You might find the absence of pockets for your accessories a little of fputting, but this Plano case more than compensates for this shortcoming with its secure and durable features.

So, if your aim is to buy a basic bow case to keep your bow secure and prevent it from being banged up during transportation, then this bow case is the right choice for you.

2. Allen Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case

Allen Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case
  • Fits bows up to 35 inches axle to axle
  • Includes a total of 10 accessory pockets
  • Interior tie-down straps to hold the bow in place

The first thing you’ll notice about the Allen Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case is that it has pockets for almost everything you can imagine. It actually carries ten accessory pockets so you won’t have to wonder where you ‘ll keep your releases, bow wax and other items. It’s a perfect fit for bows up to 38″ in size from axle to axle. It also comes equipped with tie-down straps on the inside to keep your bow intact.

These straps are, however, not moveable so you’ll have to make sure your bow fits adequately inside the space. The padded shoulder strap that can be removed as well as the rubber carry handle are other features you’ll find with this best soft compound bow case. The Allen Gear bow case is quite spacious with generous dimensions of approx 40″ x 16″ x 4″ which, being a soft case, also allows you to squeeze in an extra item or two. This case is, however, not recommended for use during air travel but you can use it for normal transportation for your bow.

3. Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case
  • One Size Fits MostProtects bow while storing and transportingMossy Oak Break Up...

Let’s say you need a bow case that’s so versatile it’s good for any bow you own? Then the Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case may just be what you’ll need and nothing more. This bow case is a flexible fit for most bows of various sizes.  You may say it’s a great one size fits all bow case.  An added benefit of using this example of the best archery cases is the higher level of protection your bow gets compared with some other bow cases out there.

You’ll appreciate that this case looks good and is made to endure rough treatment. Its design allows you to hang it vertically by the loop.  Just be careful not to try to open it while it hangs as the single zipper is found on the opposite of the end with the loop. That said, you may like that this bow case is not small so you can hold more stuff in there.

4. SKB ATA Double Bow, Bow/Rifle Combination Case 

SKB ATA Double Bow, Bow/Rifle Combination Case
  • SPACIOUS: Hard case provides protection for 2 parallel limb bows or 1 parallel...
  • APPROVED FOR AIR TRAVEL: Airline approved with the highest ATA shipping...
  • FEATURES: Heavy-duty field replaceable locking latches, spring-loaded end handle...

You’ll love the convenience of transporting both your bow and rifle in the same case.  That’s what you’ll get with the 2SKB-4114A Parallel Limb Bow Case that is designed to satisfy specs for ATA three hundred Category one.  The SKB bow case is made to carry two Parallel Limb Bows, or alternatively, to take a Parallel Limb Bow and a rifle. What makes this case outstanding is that it is moulded from very high molecular weight polyethene, the same material the military in the US uses for containers and cases.

It also features high-performance locking latches that can be replaced as well as an end handle that is spring-loaded to allow for comfortable towing and to protect your bow and rifle from being damaged. An added feature of these best archery bow cases is the bumper protection provided by their molded design that maximizes resistance from any impact. You might even appreciate the loops that tie down that make it easier to carry your bow on an ATV, as well as the embossing that is both stylish and a functional support to the case lid.

This case comes with a separator that is padded to prevent your bows from rubbing each other.  It is also spacious enough for your extra accessories, including quivers, sights, broad head cases, and releases. You can safely fly with this well-built bow case.

5. Flambeau Compound Bow Case 

Flambeau Compound Bow Case
  • CONVOLUTED FOAM BED: Equipped with a thick layer of convoluted foam to protect...
  • ARROW STORAGE RACK INCLUDED: The case features a (12) arrow rubber racking...

With the Flambeau Outdoors Compound Bow Case, you’ll get superior protection for your bow thanks to its durable construction. What makes this case featured in our bow case reviews so durable is the polypro material from which it is made. You can certainly have the Flambeau Compound Bow Case for a pretty long time. Your Flambeau case also comes with four locking points to provide security and a three- and four-blade broadhead changer that is built-in.

This case is big enough not only to hold your bow but to hold accessories such as broadheads, release, and rangefinder. You don’t even need to remove the quiver to store your arrows – it can actually take up to 12 arrows with ease. This bow case is also quite lightweight and easy to carry.

6. Plano 1109-00 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case 

Plano 1109-00 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case
  • Plano Archery Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Bow case is designed for smaller sized bows a lighter and smaller design is...
  • Durable latches high density foam and molded-in handle provide comfortable carry...

Plano has done it again! If you’re not convinced that there’s a compact yet durable bow case for your hunting needs, then you just have to experience the Plano 1109-00 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case for yourself. This option from the best archery cases is indeed a very compact case designed to store and carry small bows safely.  So, if your bow is among the original Mission Craze, Genesis, Diamond Nuclear Ice, PSE Mini-Burner, and Menace, then this bow case is a perfect fit.

Your protector series bow case also comes with convenient arrow holders, secure tie-down straps, thick foam padding and Plano’s own patented Pillar Lock system. It’s not a huge case, as its dimensions are  41″ x 15″ x 4.75″, which is quite sufficient for smaller, more compact bows. Although this bow case is lightweight, it is also sturdy and its frame of moulded plastic protects the contents from damage from falls or bumps. It’s also equipped with Nylon velcro straps to hold the bow in place which you can install easily.

7. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS MODELS: Fits the following crossbows: Mathews Z7 Extreme,...
  • FOAM INTERIOR: Plush EPS insert provides a secure, safe area for your bow while...
  • STURDY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION: Features a rigid ABS hard plastic shell for...

What would you do if you’re offered solid protection for your bow that is within your budget?  Take the new 2SKB-4117 SKB Hunter Series Parallel Limb Bow Case of course! Your archery equipment is well protected with this hunter bow case and you won’t have to break the bank to get it. Most parallel limb bows and arrows with the quiver attached can be accommodated by this best bow case for air travel.

So, if you have any of these bows – Bow tech Admiral, the Mathews Z7, PSE X-Force, or other similar types, this bow case is perfect for you. You can expect top quality from this bow case as you won’t have to contend with poor seams, weak latches, uneven hinges, and broken handles.  Your bow is also cushioned by the padding and velvet interior and there are extra spaces for your arrows. For extra security for your bow, this case also comes with locks on the latches. You’ll notice that this case does not come with compartments to keep your bow wax, release and tools.

Notwithstanding this shortcoming, this strong, US-made bow case is great for your hunting expeditions as well as for transportation by commercial airline. When you purchase this bow case, you’ll also receive the manufacturer’s 5-year Warranty against defects.

8. Plano Compact Bow Case – Camo 

You may prefer to use a neat and compact bow case to carry your bow and arrows, even for airline travel. This you can do with the Plano Compact Bow Case. With this best bow case for air travel, you are able to fit most parallel limb bows.  Plano’s patented Pillar Lock system provides extra protection for your archery items. This case comes with an arrow holder on its lid and with adequate high impact foam padding to protect your bow from damage.

Younger persons may also appreciate that this bow case is a perfect fit for them in terms of size and design. It is not too heavy and is quite easy to carry. Its moulded handle helps to make this case easily transportable. The holes provided for adding locks allows you to have greater security.

9. Plano Ultra Light Bow Case

Plano Ultra Light Bow Case
  • Fits most small youth styles of recurve and compound bows
  • Dense foam padding on lid and base secures bows in place
  • ProLatch locking system

Your wish for a bow case that’s easy to carry yet spacious enough for your bow is answered with the Plano Ultra Light Bow Case. This Genesis Ultra Compact hard case from Plano is light and easy to carry around. It’s also a soft bow case made to carry and store bows like the original Genesis Bow and the Genesis Mini bow. This option from the best archery cases also features convenient arrow holders, secure tie-down straps, thick foam padding and crush-resistant Pillar Lock system.

It is sturdy, which is a great feature to protect your bow from damage. You’ll also find that this case carries two sets of holes that you can use to add a shoulder strap or lock. If your bow is larger than the Genesis, then you’ll have to consider a different bow case as this is meant for small bows.

10. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case
  • PLANO BOW CASES: Protecting your passion since 1952
  • DIMENSIONS: Inside Dimensions: 41 inches L x 17 inches W x 7 inches H Outside...
  • FEATURES: Parallel Limb hard bow case. No two hunters are exactly alike and...

Plano is the trusted name in bow cases that many hunters turn to for the best products.  The Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case is no exception.  Here’s a lightweight yet sturdy case you can fully customize to protect any bow and accessories you own or wish to transport. The 1144 Parallel Limb Bow Case is made with an industrial-strength outer casing with quite spacious 43″ x 19″ x 7.5″ dimensions. The interior is just as roomy allowing for 41″ x 17″ x 7″ of space for almost any bow and arrows.

This selection from the best archery bow cases also comes with three straps and two pins that you can use to securely mount your bow to prevent shifting during transportation. With the Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case, unlike certain other bow cases,  you can keep the quiver on your arrows during transport. Tie-downs are moveable and the Pillar Lock system can be adjusted to suit your bow’s configuration. It is also easy to set up for use.

The lid might look a little flimsy when you open the case, but when closed, the case is quite sturdy. If your budget is modest, you’ll find this bow case quite reasonably priced.  It is also suitable for most bows and the fact that it is adjustable to fit is also one of its best features.

Buying Guide: Things To Look For Before Buying A Bow Case

Before you go ahead and buy your bow case, there are a few things you need to look out for.  One of the most obvious is the size of the bow case.  Is it the right fit for your bow? If it is, then you can check the material that it’s made of.  This, of course, depends on whether you’re interested in a hard case or a soft one.

Hard cases are regarded as the best archery cases because of their greater durability and protection.  Soft cases offer some benefits of their own, including flexibility to hold bows of different sizes as well as to hold accessories. You may even wish to consider the interior padding that protects your bow.  Is it too thin or too thick? Depending on the amount of trauma you may subject your bow case to, thick padding offers more protection against damage to your bow.

Another consideration for your selection is whether this bow case allows you to fly commercially with it. The best bow case for air travel is identified in the descriptions so you can see whether it is approved or recommended for use during air travel. Our research highlights these ten bow cases which are regarded as the best bow cases available.

Final Verdict:

Our bow case reviews present just a few of the top selections of bow cases any hunter and archer will be happy to buy.  You have seen for yourselves the many great options that will make your hunting expedition so much more enjoyable. Have you seen your best archery cases yet?  Your final choice really depends on your preferences, the kind of bow you have, and whether your budget can withstand the cost. Once you have reviewed these and other bow cases the final decision to buy would be based on your best assessment of which you won’t be disappointed.

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